About Jumping Hill

Little history

The first  ski jumping hill in the valley of Malinka in Wisła was constructed in 1933. The construction was made entirely of wood. The record of distance,  set by  Mieczysław Kozdruń,  was 41 m.  In the following years the ski jumping  hill was renovated . It underwent the considerable  changes in the 60s and 70s of the 20th century. Then  there was build the judges tower, the steel in-run and the calculation line  was moved to 105 metre. The first jumper who beat the distance of 100 m. was Janusz Malik. The hill record belongs to Wojciech Skupień who reached the distance of 112.5 m. at the Polish Seniors Championships during the last competition held on the “old” hill.

In the meantime

In October 2003 the foundation act of  conversion  of the ski jumping hill in Wisła was signed. The original of the document placed in a special silver tube was built in as the corner stone during the construction work in 2005. The work went according to the plan until August 2006 when a landslide of the landing hill occurred. Eventually the opening of the ski jumping hill took place not at the end of July 2007 but in September of the following year.

The first competition

The first competition held on the newly built hill was combined with the official opening ceremony. From 25th to 28th September 2008 there were held Summer Championships  of Poland in ski jumping as well as Nordic combined. The first jump was made by Adam Małysz. During the inaugurating competition the record was beaten several times. The first record holder was Paweł Słowiok  who obtained the distance of 123m. Adam Małysz  who  flew the distance of 132.5 m. won the individual Championships of Poland and set the hill record. But he could delight with the success for a very short time.  On the following day, during the team competition,  Marcin Bachleda landed one metre farther.

On the road to the World Cup

The first international competition on the renovated hill was held in February 2009 and was a part of the Continental Cup competitions. The winners were the Austrians - Stefan Thurnbichler on the first day and  Andreas Kofler on the second. In September of the same year there was held, for the first time,  the final competition of Summer Continental Cup. It was won by Marcin Bachleda who beat the rest of the competitors including Adam Małysz. The world ski jumping leaders visited Wisła in August 2010 during FIS Ski Jumping Grand Prix known also as Summer Ski Jumping Grand Prix. During the first competition the winner was Adam Małysz whereas on the second day it was Kamil Stoch who turned out to be the best.

On 9th January 2013 there will be held, for the first time in the history of the hill,  an individual World Cup competition. The competitors will come to Wisła directly after the ending of the prestigious Four Hills Tournament.  On 10th January they will move to Zakopane where individual and team competition will be held on “Wielka Krokiew” on 11th and 12th January.


The owner of the ski jumping hill is Central  Sport Centre. Since October 2011 the hill has been rented by Polish Ski Association. Such a situation allows to lower the expenses of training organized on the premises, prepare an attractive offer for the foreign clubs and open the venue for events which are not directly connected with ski jumping, such as a contest being a part of Good Bicycle Shops ROAD MARATHON – Beskidy Loop.

Famous on the hill and about the hill

The hill in Wisła is considered demanding.  It was the place where Thomas Morgenstern trained before the Olympic Games in Vancouver. 

“I’ve heard a lot of positive opinions about the hill and wanted to try it already in summer. Now it’ s a good opportunity for the last pre-Games training. I hope I’ll make friendship with this hill,” said the Austrian then. In July 2011 the popular “Morgi” won in Wisła the firs competition of the Lotos Poland Tour series – the tournament which was a part of Summer Grand Prix held on the hills in Wisła, Szczyrk and Zakopane.

The hill in  Malinka has already been used for training by  the Japanese, the Austrians (they are willing to stay longer after the Summer Grand Prix competitions) the Slovenians and the Norvegian. The four-times Olympic  gold winner  Simon Amman appeared on the hill in Wisła for the first time in July 2012.

“The hill has got a long in-run, it’s open which creates favourable wind blow. In some moments I had some problems with the out-run which is quite specific. What I enjoy, is the fact that I have a lot of possibilities to have direct  contact with fans who can observe the jumpers during the warm-ups and in our free time we can give autographs. I feel here very well ,” said the Swiss.

Tourist attraction

The ski jumping hill named after Adam Małysz  is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Wisła. The guests who visit the Beskid  Mountains are eager to use the chair lift, the tower and  the café offering the view of the  in-run and take-off  and,  if you are lucky,  the possibility for watching the trainings of the Polish and foreign ski jumpers.

The attractiveness of the hill was also increased by the cooperation with Nadwiślańska Tourist Agency and creation of so called “Cieńkowska Loop” connecting the ski jumping hill with “Cieńków” chair lift.   The route includes an upward chair lift trip to the top of the ski jumping  hill  or by Cieńków chair lift to the top of Cieńków,  a walk along Cieńków ridge (circa 1.3 km) and a downward chair lift trip on the ski jumping hill (or by Cieńków chair lift) as well as a stroll along Malinka stream until the place of departure.