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Author: Dominika Bączek / Press Office FIS Grand Prix Wisla 2021 Date: 18-07-2021
The first such weekend at the Adam Małysz ski jumping hill in Wisła-Malinka has come to an end. The female and male ski jumpers completed their season opening competitions of the FIS Grand Prix on Sunday evening. In the women's competition Slovenian Ursa Bogataj stood on top of the podium again, while Dawid Kubacki was the best among men.

Ursa Bogataj once again proved to be in great shape and took her second career win in the FIS Grand Prix competitions. The Slovenian athlete showed jumps of 133 m and 127.5 m and scored a total of 245.7 points. - It was a very good weekend for me and I will remember my time in Wisła very nicely. I really didn't expect such a good performance, especially because this hill is quite difficult for me, said the two-time winner.

The second place went to Sara Takanashi from Japan. In the first round she jumped 130.5 m and in the second round she reached 133.5 m, breaking the hill record once again. Unfortunately, she fell during her second attempt, after which she was taken to hospital for examination.

Austrian ski jumper Marita Kramer (131 m and 128 m; 234.1 points) completed the podium. - It was quite a difficult weekend for me. Yesterday I couldn't find a good inrun position that would give me the right flight position to jump far, so I struggled with my technique. Today was a little better, but not at all easy. Fortunately, I found this position and I am really happy to have finished on the podium. That gave me more self-confidence, said the Austrian ski jumper after the competition.

Poland's female athletes failed to qualify for the final round. The 36th place went to Wiktoria Przybyła. - These were not my best jumps. Technically it looked good, but I am too aggressive at the take-off, which is reflected in the distances I achieve. I need more peace and quiet and to get used to the competition. I look up to the best girls, it impresses me how they deal with stress.This competition, which is combined with the men's event, is an important experience for me, she said.

A place behind Przybyla went to Joanna Szwab. - I could have jumped further and better, but unfortunately it turned out differently. On Friday I wanted to improve too many things at once and today I focused on one task. The final result was not good, but it was not tragic either. I know my three most important elements to keep in mind in order to succeed in my jumps. I need to focus on tasks, not results, to be happy with what I am doing. I hope it will only get better, she said about her performance in Wisła.

Dawid Kubacki triumphed in great style on Sunday evening at the Adam Małysz ski jumping hill. The 31-year-old ski jumper made two jumps of 128.5 m and finished almost seven points ahead of Austrian Jan Hoerl (130.5 and 126 m). - I made good jumps today, from the very beginning I felt that they would be great. Even the one in the prologue on the take-off was fine, only the rest of it didn't go my way. Today I had a lot of fun while jumping, also the fans supported me, so it was a great weekend. I think that it was getting better and better every day, so I know that everything is going in the right direction, admitted Kubacki.

- It's a wonderful feeling to stand on the second step of the podium twice during the season inauguration. This makes me more motivated to continue working.The atmosphere in Wisla was great and the fans were very supportive - said Jan Hoerl.

The lowest step of the podium was taken by Slovenia's Anze Lanisek, who jumped on 124.5 m and 126 m. - I am not very happy with this weekend, but today I made a step forward from what I presented on Saturday and Friday. I'm still making mistakes that I don't want to repeat, but in general the weekend was fine, I did the maximum of what I'm capable of doing at the moment. Over the summer I just want to test particular elements in order to be ready for the winter, because it is the most important, concluded Lanisek.

All the athletes of Michal Dolezhal scored points at Sunday's FIS Grand Prix competition in Wisla. Also Jakub Wolny finished in the Top 10 as sixth (125 and 121.5 m). Stefan Hula (120.5 and 124 m) finished in the 11th position. Four places behind him came Maciej Kot (117.5 and 128 m), followed by Pawel Wasek (116 and 124 m), who finished 20th. The places of other competitors were as follows: 24th place for Piotr Zyla (119 and 115 m) and 26th for Aleksander Zniszczol (124.5 and 106 m).


Author: Dominika Bączek / Press Office FIS Grand Prix Wisla 2021 Date: 17-07-2021
The first FIS Grand Prix ski jumping competition for men and women in this summer season was held on July 7th on the Adam Małysz ski jumping hill in Wisła-Malinka. The first victories on the facility in Wisla were claimed by Slovene Ursa Bogataj and Polish representative Jakub Wolny.

The world's best female ski jumpers competed for the first time ever in a FIS Grand Prix competition on the hill in Wisla.The first victory in her career went to Slovene Ursa Bogataj, who jumped on 126.5 m twice. - The hill in Wisla is difficult, but I like it. Today was my day and I am happy with this success. I would like to continue jumping like I did today for the whole season, said the Slovene athlete. - Ski jumping is an individual sport, but as a team we are friends, so we are happy when one of us is successful, Bogataj added.

Sara Takanashi from Japan finished second with jumps of 121.5 m and 126.5 m. - It was very windy today, but I tried to give my best jumps. I hope I can improve my performance tomorrow, Sara Takanashi said. - I like Wisła, and people here are very nice to me, so I feel great here, added the Japanese.

Another Japanese Nozomi Maruyama (120 and 121.5 m) completed the podium. - It was our first competition on the hill in Wisla and I have to admit that the facility did not cause me many difficulties. My jumps were different. The first competition jump was not the best but the final jump turned out to be the best one today, said the Japanese. Three representatives of Poland took part in Saturday's competition in Wisla. One of them, Nicole Konderla, scored World Cup points with jumps of 102 mand 95,5 m and finished at 26th position. The 39th place went to Wiktoria Przybyla (81 m) and the 40th place went to Anna Twardosz (83.5 m).

It was a great competition for the Polish athletes, who dominated the competition on the hill in Wisla-Malinka. Jakub Wolny claimed his first career victory in a competition of the highest level. The athlete of Michal Dolezhal jumped on 123.5 m and 126.5 m and could thus celebrate his first career podium result in the FIS Grand Prix. - Today I tried to enjoy my jumps and I knew that I can jump well and that I'm currently in a good shape. I think I managed to prove that, and I am very happy with the win. I am not going to give up the leader's bib to anyone, the best athlete of Saturday's competition evaluated his performance. It was a fantastic feeling to be able to sing our national anthem in front of all these Polish fans. The anthem was the same as when you won with the team, but when you stand alone on the top step of the podium, it's a completely different feeling. Both have their value, but I think for the athlete himself the individual victory is more valuable, he added. My victory is also the success of the whole team, because the atmosphere that we have in the team is not found in many other nations. I will do my best tomorrow, but we will see how it goes. I thank the fans for coming to the competition today, said Wolny.

The third place went to Dawid Kubacki who jumped 122.5 m and 127 m. - I am glad that I could finally stand on the podium together with my colleague Jakub Wolny who won. It was really great to stand on the podium and to sing the national anthem. Kuba was better today because he made two good jumps, while I only made one good attempt. I'm happy to be on the podium despite a weaker first jump. Such an opening of the season is nice and gives energy to further work, admits Dawid Kubacki.

Austrian Jan Hoerl (130.5 and 125 m) separated the Polish jumpers on the podium. - I am very satisfied with my jumps today and they gave me a lot of joy. Wisla is a great place with a great atmosphere. On Sunday I will have another chance to jump well again and improve my result, concluded the Austrian.

On Saturday's competition also points were scored by: 12th Piotr Zyla (122 and 125 m), 15th Stefan Hula (121 and 122 m), 17th Paweł Wąsek (120.5 and 117.5 m), 20th Aleksander Zniszczoł (123.5 and 117 m), 21st Maciej Kot (121 and 117 m) and 22nd Andrzej Stękała (118.5 and 114.5 m). Outside the final "30" were: 34th Jaroslaw Krzak (111 m), 36th Tomasz Pilch (112 m) as well as Klemens Murańka, who was disqualified after his jump. Friday's qualification winner Kamil Stoch, who was withdrawn from the competition due to a swollen ankle, was missing at the start.

On Sunday the second women's (1 pm) and men's (5:35 pm) individual competition will be held on the ski jumping hill in Wisla. The women's competition will be preceded by a qualification in which 54 athletes will compete, scheduled for 11:45 am. The men's competition, on the other hand, will be preceded by a prologue at 4:30pm, in which 49 competitors will start.

Bogataj and Stoch to win the qualifications!

Bogataj and Stoch to win the qualifications!
Author: Dominika Bączek / Biuro Prasowe FIS Grand Prix Wisła 2021 Date: 16-07-2021
The qualification on the Adam Małysz ski jumping hill in Wisla-Malinka took place on July 16th, initiating the FIS Grand Prix cycle for both male and female ski jumpers. On this day, the Slovenian Ursa Bogataj and Polish athlete Kamil Stoch were the best at the venue in Wisla. It is worth mentioning that ladies had a chance to compete on the hill in Wisla for the first time in history.

As usual, the Adam Małysz ski jumping hill hosted the first male FIS Grand Prix competition of the season. The world's best female ski jumpers also competed in Wisla for the first time.

49 female and 54 male athletes participated in the qualification for Saturday's individual competition. Ursa Bogataj from Slovenia was the best in the women's competition. With her jump of 123 m, she was 3.6 points ahead of Japanese Sara Takanashi (117.5 m). - My jumps were good today and I enjoyed it a lot, said Ursa Bogataj with a smile on her face. - I don't have any specific goals for this weekend as it's only the beginning of the season and I'm just trying to enjoy the competitions. I am also happy that we have more competitions than usual this summer", said Bogataj. The third place in the qualification went to Austrian Marita Kramer, who jumped 121.5 m.

Three representatives of Poland qualified for Saturday's FIS Grand Prix competition in Wisla. Nicole Konderla, 15th in the qualification, did very well with her jump of 115 m. - I am very happy that competitions of the highest rank are held in Poland and we can take part in them. I'm especially happy that these competitions are held on the large hill", said the best of the Polish female ski jumpers. - The first starting bib brings a bit of stress as you sit and wait for the competition to start, she added. - Today we made three jumps, but they were not like the ones I have already shown here on this hill. It's hard for me to say why this is happening because I lose the feeling during competitions, but this qualification jump seemed to go quite well, said Nicole Konderla. - I've changed a lot since last year, I think I've gained patience, more of a smile, and looseness. This competition doesn't stress me so much anymore because I come here to test myself and know what to improve in my training, she concluded.

The 38th place went to Wiktoria Przybyla (81 m), followed closely by Anna Twardosz (77.5 m). Joanna Szwab, who finished 41st after a jump of 78.5 m, failed to qualify.

Kamil Stoch won the men's qualification with ease. The three-time Olympic champion landed at 128 m and was 3.3 points better than Austrian Jan Hoerl (133.5 m). - I did not expect the day to end this way for me. I was secretly hoping to finish around the top ten, but I was mainly focusing on the individual parts of the jump.  I'm happy to be able to compete here, as it wasn't planned until a month ago. I did all I could to be ready for this competition and managed to fit this competition into my training plan, said Kamil Stoch. - I know that the position on the inrun is the element I can improve, but I'm happy that today I was able to repeat what I did in training.

The third place in the qualification went to another Austrian, Markus Schiffner, who landed at 125 m.

13 Polish athletes participated in the qualification for Saturday's FIS Grand Prix competition in Wisla. The team of head coach, Michal Dolezhal, was able to qualify for tomorrow's competition. Besides Kamil Stoch, the Top 10 went to fifth-placed Jakub Wolny (124.5 m) and sixth-placed Dawid Kubacki (125 m). The 11th place went to Piotr Zyla, who made a jump of 123 m. Five places behind Zyla came Aleksander Zniszczol (122.5 m). The places in the third Top 10 went to 21. Klemens Murańka (122 m), 24. Stefan Hula (132 m with a fall), 27. Andrzej Stękała (117 m) and 29. Maciej Kot (118 m). In the Saturday competition will also participate 36. Paweł Wąsek (112 m), 44. Tomasz Pilch (109.5 m) and 50. Jarosław Krzak (95 m).

On Saturday, the first individual competition will be held on the Adam Małysz ski jumping hill. The women's competition is scheduled for 1:00 pm, while the men's competition will start at 5:35 pm.


Author: Katarzyna Zielińska / Press Office FIS Grand Prix Wisla 2020 Date: 23-08-2020
It was a great competition for Michał Doležal's athletes who dominated the competition at the FIS Grand Prix in Wisła. The victory at the Adam Małysz Hill got Dawid Kubacki in the Saturday competition. Kamil Stoch won the second place, and Piotr Żyła completed the podium.

For the first time in history, Polish jumpers filled the entire podium in the highest rank competition, giving no chances to their rivals. The competition ended with the decoration of the best ski jumpers of the day and it took place in the rain.

Dawid Kubacki in the first jump scored 126.5 meters, and in the final he landed on 128 meters. - Different things can always happen and it is certainly good that I managed to deal with these difficult conditions. I did what I was supposed to do and it worked. I think this is the best test of my skills during competition - the Saturday winner said after the competition.

On Sunday at the Adam Małysz Hill, the second individual competition will be held, in which seven Polish representatives will take part: Dawid Kubacki, Kamil Stoch, Piotr Żyła, Tomasz Pilch, Stefan Hula, Paweł Wąsek and Klemens Murańka. The competition is scheduled to start at 5:30 PM.



FIS Grand Prix Wisła 2020: Stoch wins the prologue for the TVP Sport Cup!

FIS Grand Prix Wisła 2020: Stoch wins the prologue for the TVP Sport Cup!
Author: Katarzyna Zielińska / Press Office FIS Grand Prix Wisla 2020 Date: 22-08-2020
At Friday they took place qualification for Saturday’s individual competition. The host of the only FIS Grand Prix competitions this summer is Wisła. Today was the official training and prologue with 46 competitors from 11 countries. The best of the competitors was Kamil Stoch, who jumped 133.5 meters and managed to win the TVP Sport Cup.

- I am very happy that Wisła has taken up the organization of the competition and we can compete again. There is a special atmosphere, there is music and there are fans, whom I thank you for your support - says satisfied Kamil Stoch.

Dawid Kubacki (131 meters) was the second and the Austrian Philipp Aschenwald (126.5 meters) was the third. A total of 13 Polish competitors presented themselves on the hill. The fifth Piotr Żyła (125 m) and the seventh Klemens Murańka (126.5 m) were also placed in the top 10.

On Saturday and Sunday at Adam Małysz Hill, individual competitions will be held. The competition is scheduled to start at 5:30 PM. Tickets for this event are still available and can be purchased at ebilet.pl.



Programme of FIS Grand Prix Wisła 2020!

Programme of FIS Grand Prix Wisła 2020!
Author: Anna Karczewska / Press Office FIS Grand Prix Wisla 2020 Date: 17-07-2020
Traditionally the inauguration of FIS Grand Prix in men ski jumping will be held at Adam Małysz Hill in Wisła-Malinka. The only competition in this summer season are planned for the fourth weekend of August. The best ski jumpers in the world will compete at the facility from the 21st to the 23rd of August 2020. The programme of FIS Grand Prix Wisła 2020 was revealed today.

The rivalry of the inauguration competition of FIS Grand Prix Wisła 2020 at Adam Małysz Hill has been divided for three days. The qualification is planned for the 21st of August, whereas the individual event will take place on Saturday and Sunday.

Programme of the competiton
FIS Grand Prix Wisła 2020

20.08.2020, Thursday
- teams’ arrival
21.08.2020, Friday
- 11:00 – TCM
- 16:00 – official training (2 rounds)
- 18:00 – qualification
22.08.2020, Saturday
- 16:30 – trial round
- 17:30 – first competition round
                final round
                prize giving ceremony
23.08.2020, Sunday
- 16:15 – qualification
- 17:30 – first competition round
                final round
                prize giving ceremony
Tickets for the competition are available on ebilet.pl

Tande wins in Wisła! Stoch on the podium

Tande wins in Wisła! Stoch on the podium
Author: Dominika Bączek / Press Office FIS World Cup Wisła 2019 Date: 24-11-2019
The rivalry of the best ski jumpers in the world in the individual competition took place on Sunday at Adam Małysz hill in Wisła-Malinka. The best was Daniel Andre Tande who had 15 points more than Anze Lanisek from Slovenia. Polish athlete Kamil Stoch stood on the third step of the podium.

The first individual competition of this winter season has become a history. The luckiest ski jumper in that windy event seemed to be Daniel Andre Tande whose jumps were of 127 and 129 meters and who won the competition unrivaled. – It was a tough competition, especially for the judges who did all their best. I fulfilled my task, made good jumps and I'm pleased with my win – says the winner.

The second step of the podium was occupied by Anze Lanisek. Both jumps of the Slovenian athlete were of 126 meters and he had almost 16 points less than the winner. – It was a very nice competition for me. The judges, for their part, have also done a very good job. They did not want to let us jump far, they took care of us, so that our jumps were safe – says Lanisek.

Also, Polish supporters had some reasons to be happy. Kamil Stoch, who was 12th after the first round of the competition (118 meters), in the final round jumped 126.5 meters and ended the event at the third step of the podium. – It was a hard competition, especially for the judges. I am glad that everything turned out well and luckily no serious harm happened to anyone – says Stoch after the event – I am glad that I managed to make two good jumps in hard weather conditions and now I can enjoy my place on the podium, because it was equally possible to finish today's competition outside of the top30. The second jump was solid, but something didn't work out for me, because I could have done better. I would never have thought that this jump would give me a place on the podium. The first jump seemed great to me, I was very happy with it, but in the end, I ended up out of the tenth.

The first points this winter were also scored by seventh Dawid Kubacki (125 and 127 meters) and 25th Maciej Kot (116.5 and 117 meters).

Also, Piotr Żyła made a good jump (119 meters), but unfortunately he felt during landing and finally he ended the competition at 35th place. - The Pole had a dangerously looking fall, fortunately, everything ended well. - During today's fall, Piotr Zyla suffered superficial bruises and abrasions of the epidermis, mainly in the area of face skull. The necessary medical care was provided on-site. At the moment, Piotr does not require any further diagnostics - said Stanisław Szymanik, the doctor of the competition.

Apart from the final 30 they also found themselves: 33rd Jakub Wolny (110.5 m), 38th Stefan Hula (106 m), 39th Paweł Wąsek (106.5 m) and 44th Aleksander Zniszczoł (103 m).

Austrian team to win, Polish athletes on the podium

Austrian team to win, Polish athletes on the podium
Author: Dominika Bączek / Press Office FIS World Cup Wisła 2019 Date: 23-11-2019
The first competition of new winter season of FIS World Cup 2019 took place on Saturday at Adam Małysz Hill in Wisła-Malinka. The Austrian team was unbeatable in the team event. They had 20 points more than the Norwegians, whereas the Polish ski jumpers stood at the third step of the podium.

This is the third time in history the winter season kicks off in Wisła. Traditionally, the atmosphere at the facility was amazing. There were a lot of supporters who cheered up the ski jumpers.

10 nations participated in the team event which was won by the Austrian team. They beautifully won the competition. The Austrian team was represented by Philipp Aschenwald (121 and 133 meters), Daniel Huber (125 and 134 meters), Jan Hoerl (130 and 114 meters) and Stefan Kraft (127.5 and 125 meters). - I think it was a great competition for us. We all have shown quite good jumps and all in all the result was outstanding for our team. It is a good start in the season. – says Daniel Huber - The season is still very young and we haven’t performed in the individual competition yet so it’ s really hard to say who is going to be the best in our team during this season. My whole team is in very good shape, we made nice jumps yesterday and today. If I have to say one name, it would be Stefan Kraft. – he adds - I don’t think that the artificial snow is different than the normal one. But all the ski jumpers had some problems with landing, there were almost no good telemarks to see. The weather during this time of the year is how it is and we need to deal with it. Today we saw in the competition that still it is possible to make good long jumps event though the landing was not so good. All in all, I am happy with the fact the season opener is held Wisła because of the atmosphere at the hill.

Norwegian ski jumpers ended the competition in second place. Among them performed: Daniel Andre Tande (123 and 128.5 meters), Thomas Aasen Markeng (120 and 118.5 meters), Marius Lindvik (121 and 128 meters) and Robert Johansson (129 and 130.5 meters). - It was a cool competition for the audience, there were a lot of changes. I am very satisfied with the result of my team and with the place on the podium – says Daniel Andre Tande - As Daniel Huber said, we haven’t had any individual competition yet so it is hard to say who is going to be the best in our team this season. Today Robert Johansson made the best jumps in our team. We have other nice ski jumpers, we do our best during training, so we will see – he comments - Of course, there is a difference between the artificial snow and the natural one but at the moment there is no hill in the world with the normal snow.

Also, the Polish team stood at the podium. The nation was represented by Piotr Żyła (131 and 117 meters), Jakub Wolny (123.5 and 119 meters), Kamil Stoch (125.5 and 118 meters) and Dawid Kubacki (126.5 and 120.5 meters). - Today we did our best, we have fought till the end of the competition and we managed to stand at the third step of the podium – says Jakub Wolny. – It was the first competition in this winter and I think that there were a lot of emotions, good emotions. We fought so much and that was all we were capable of this evening. As far as I know, the luck wasn’t by our side during the second round, but that happens in the sport. The jumps are not always long, because of the wind. I think that we can be contented with the fact that our jumps were much better than those of the qualifications and were almost similar to our performance during training two weeks ago. Our task for today was to stabilize our jumps and to be calm during the competition – says Dawid Kubacki.

The individual competition will be held at Adam Małysz Hill on Sunday. It will start at 11 am 30.

FIS World Cup 2019: Geiger to win the qualifications!

FIS World Cup 2019: Geiger to win the qualifications!
Author: Dominika Bączek / FIS World Cup Wisła 2019 Date: 23-11-2019
FIS World Cup Ski Jumping season opener competitions take place at Adam Małysz Hill for the third time in history. The qualifications, which were won by Karl Geiger (133 meters), were held on Friday. Killian Peier (125.5 meters) was the second, whereas the Austrian Daniel Huber (122 meters) was the third. When it comes to the Polish athletes, the best among them was Dawid Kubacki who jumped 123 meters and ended the qualifications at the 7th position.

71 ski jumpers, among them 13 Polish athletes, participated in the winter season opener competition at Adam Małysz Hill in Wisła-Malinka. 8 participants from Poland got the qualification for Sunday’s individual competition. The best of them was Dawid Kubacki who was in the top10 of the qualifications. – I have got a very busy day behind me. It wasn’t easy, but in the end, I am satisfied with my performance. The jumps on the snow are getting better and better. During our first jumps on the snow, we needed to focus on what is happening on the landing. We wanted them to be safe, but from tomorrow we are giving 100% of our strength – says Dawid Kubacki.

Kamil Stoch, who jumped 117 meters, was the 11th – Today maybe I was a little bit nervous because of the season opener and of the first jumps on the snow. I am happy with what it is. It is nice to feel the snow under the skis and the atmosphere in Wisła – says Stoch.

Also, Jakub Wolny made a good performance in the qualifications. He jumped 116.5 meters and ended in the 19th position. – I missed the World Cup and the atmosphere, especially that of Wisła. I came here with the attitude to be calm and concentrate on my task. I think that I managed to do it – comments Wolny.

Piotr Żyła, with a jump of 113.5 meters, ended the qualifications two positions behind Wolny. Maciej Kot (115.5 meters) was the 26th, whereas Stefan Hula (116 meters) the 28th. Also, Paweł Wąsek (41 place, 113 meters) and Aleksander Zniszczoł (46th place, 109.5 meters) got qualified for the individual competition.

Also, Polish Head Coach comments the performance of the ski jumpers – I need to talk about the Friday’s jumps with the ski jumpers, but they lacked some ease while jumping. They jumped not quite at ease, contrary to the jumps during training. There was a little bit of stress, but we try to analyze everything – said the Polish Coach Michal Doležal.

The team competition will be held on Sunday at Adam Małysz Hill. Ten teams will participate in the event. The Polish team will be jumping as the last nation. Piotr Żyła, Jakub Wolny, Kamil Stoch, and Dawid Kubacki will represent their country. The competition starts at 4 pm.


Author: Weronika Gołąb Date: 20-11-2019
We are only 2 days away from the inauguration of the ski jumping World Cup, which will take place for the third time in history on the Adam Malysz Ski Jumping Hill in Wisla-Malinka. In the first competition of the winter season 13 polish athletes will have the right to start. Coach Michał Doležal and Maciej Maciusiak announced the composition of our team for the inaugural winter season 2019/2020 World Cup competitions in Wisła.


In Friday's qualifying for Sunday's individual competition we will see 13 representatives of Poland and two of them for the first time in their careers will compete in competitions of this rank.

All the jumpers of the A National Team are in the line-up: Kamil Stoch, Dawid Kubacki, Piotr Żyla, Maciej Kot, Jakub Wolny and Stefan Hula, six representatives of the B National Team: Klemens Murańka, Aleksander Zniszczoł, Paweł Wąsek, Andrzej Stękała, Tomasz Pilch and Kacper Juroszek, as well as Adam Niżnik of the Youth National Team.

For 17-year-old Adam Niżnik and 18-year-old Kacper Juroszek it will be their debut in the World Cup competitions.  Both juniors have successfully competed in the summer season.



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