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Double victory of Kamil Stoch in Wisla!

Double victory of Kamil Stoch in Wisla!
Author: Dorota Jamrozińska Date: 16-01-2017
It was the a time of celebration for the Polish ski-jumping fans. Just as on the first day, Kamil Stoch presented a victorious jump to the first place of the podium. Daniel Andre-Tande from Norway was second and Domen Prevc from Slovenia achieved a 3rd score.

Despite the organisers’ and fans’ fear for good weather at Adam Malysz ski jumping hill in Wisla, the conditions allowed for holding the Sunday’s competition. Contrary to previous forecasts, the snow was no longer intense and the wind also decreased in strength. Similarly to what happened on Sunday, the 1st round started from the 5th gate, but after a few jumps it was put down by one gate.

Kamil Stoch achieved the best result in the first series. He reached the distance of 135,5 metres, which gave him 142,5 points to lead in the first half. Domen Prevc was second and was losing 5,8 points to Stoch. Maciej Kot was third after his first jump, he missed only 0,2 points to the second result. Piotr Żyła also went to the finals with a 9th rank.

The final series was started from the 4th gate and which was even lowered before the start of 10 leaders. Despite his weaker jump, Kamil Stoch retained his leadership in the competition. He landed on 128 meter with an overall note of 271,7 points. He preceded Daniel Andre-Tande only with a small difference. Kamil Stoch admitted “It was a difficult competition. The weather conditions were changeable and wind blew from different directions. One had to have a really good jump and also a bit of luck. This is why I am even more glad I was able to do this and in spite of a mistake in the second jump everything turned out well in the end.”

Maciej Kot was 5th and Piotr Żyła finished his competition with an 11th rank.

The Polish President Andrzej Duda was the guest of honour at the Sunday competition. He personally congratulated the winners and handed them memorial cups during decoration. Piotr Żyła was given a present in the form of a birthday cake, as on 16th of January he had his 30th birthday. The audience congratulated him by singing “Happy birthday” in Polish.

The Sunday competition completed the World Cup in Wisla. Next weekend athletes will enter another competition at a Polish ski-jumping hill “Wielka Krokiew” in Zakopane.

Stoch first in Wisla! Polish ski-jumper becomes the World Cup leader!

Stoch first in Wisla! Polish ski-jumper becomes the World Cup leader!
Author: Dorota Jamrozińska Date: 14-01-2017
Kamil Stoch won the first place on Saturday World Cup Wisla competition in a fantastic style. Thanks to his triumph at Adam Malysz ski jumping hill in Wisla Malinka he took the lead in general classification and outrun Domen Prevc by 42 points. Stefan Kraft from Austria was second and Andreas Wellinger from Germany took third place.

Kamil Stoch took the lead already after first series of Saturday competition and remained first till the end. The Pole started off the lowest 3rd gate and flew the distance of 133 metres, which in the end gave him an overall note of 139,1 points. Second place in the first half belonged to Stefan Kraft – the record holder of the jumping-hill in Wisla. The representative from Austria landed exactly in the same place as Kamil Stoch, but due to longer inrun he received a lower note and received lower classification by 3,4 points. Third place after the first series belonged to Michael Hayboeck who finished his jump at 130 metre with the note of 128,5 points.

5 more Poles went to the finals. Piotr Żyła got 5th place with the distance of 126,5 metre. Maciej Kot was 13th (122,5 metre), Stefan hula 126 metres). Jan Ziobro (125 metres), Dawid Kubacki (120,5 metres).

Final series begun from sixth start gate, which was even lowered after 6 jumps. Kamil points.  Stoch superbly performed and won with a gigantic advantage of 16,3 points and end note of 268 points. Kamil Stoch admits: “I did not even know about my advantage. I was just happy for being the 1st after the jump. I am glad I could celebrate my victory with all fans that came here. I am very grateful for their numerous presence and support.”

The second place on the podium was taken by Stefan Kraft. Andreas Wellinger was third thanks to a weaker jump of Hayboeck.

Saturday competition made Kamil Stoch the leader of general classification of the World Cup. He is currently leading with  42 points' advantage over Domen Prevc.

Freitag wins the qualification, 7 Poles to start in the competition

Freitag wins the qualification, 7 Poles to start in the competition
Author: Dorota Jamrozińska Date: 14-01-2017
The qualification for the Saturday individual competition of Wisla Fis World Cup 2017 were held on Friday. German athlete Richard Freitag turned out the best after jumping the distance of 133 metres, which made his qualification triumph. 7 Polish ski-jumpers also managed to get their way to the individual competition. Dawid Kubacki received the highest note with the result of 133,5 metres.

Despite previous bad weather forecasts, there were no major obstacles during qualification and training sessions. Contrary to what was expected, weather was getting better and better minute after minute. The wind was quite strong, but the conditions remained the same for all of the ski-jumpers, which made the evaluations be carried out in a quite fair way. The qualification round was held from the 8th start bar.

Richard Freitag got the highest note after jumping 133 metres, and in the end result receiving 129,3 points. Second was Andreas Stjernen from Norway who also landed on 133 metre, but he jumped in more favourable conditions, which lowered his end note. Jernej Damjan from Slovenia was third in qualification and achieved the distance of 132,5 metres.

On Saturday 7 Poles will fight in the competition. Apart from Kamil Stoch, Maciej Kot and Piotr Żyła we will see Dawid Kubacki, Jan Ziobro, Aleksander Zniszczoł and Stefan Hula. Kubacki was the best from Poles in the qualification and received an overall 4th place with a 133,5 metre result. However, his points were deducted due to improper landing. Jan Ziobro landed on 126 metre. Aleksander Zniszczol, the ski-jumper from Wisla, achieved 18th result with the distance of 123,5 metres. Stefan Hula was 33rd (120 metres).

Andreas Kofler got the best note from the 10 ski-jumpers who have their places secured in the competition. He landed on 133,5 metre. Maciej Kot and Daniel Andre Tande also presented good results of respectively 130,5 and 128,5 metres. Kamil Stoch resigned from his start in the qualification due to knee pain after his long jump in the second training. In the evening regeneration and physiotherapy treatments were planned for him to assure his full powers on the next day.

FIS World Cup Wisla 2017: Bib distribution ceremony

FIS World Cup Wisla 2017: Bib distribution ceremony
Author: Magdalena Staszkiewicz / Biuro Prasowe Pucharu Świata Wisła 2017 Date: 14-01-2017
As in previous years, traditionally after qualification a bibs distribution ceremony was held for ten best players, competing in the World Cup in Wisła. The audience gathered in the S. Hadyna Amphitheatre to greet with applause the best nine in general classification. On stage they could see four representatives from Austria: Stefan Kraft, Michael Hayboeck, Manuel Fettner and Andreas Kofler, Germany Markus Eisenbichler, Norway Daniel Andre Tande and the leader from Slovenia Domen Prevc.

Ski jumping fans could also see two representatives from Poland - the fifth in the general classification Maciej Kot and tenth Piotr Żyła, who won an excellent second place in the 65th Four Hills Tournament. Unfortunately Kamil Stoch, third in general classification, could not take part in the ceremony as he got injured during one of the training jumps.

Fans and players were greeted by the town Mayor Tomasz Bujok. - I hope that all of you will experience unforgettable sports emotions and, of course, I wish you all a wonderful moments. All the best!

Also the President of the Polish Ski Association Apoloniusz Tajner took voice. - This is not the first time that we host the best world ski jumpers, but this season is special for us as the whole group jumps perfectly - says happily President Tajner. He also added that Kamil Stoch injury is not dangerous and he really apologises fans for not being able to take part in this event.

In the end ski-jumpers gave autographs on bibs and memorial wooden skis.


World Cup Ski-Jumping Fan Zone in Wisła!

World Cup Ski-Jumping Fan Zone in Wisła!
Author: Dorota Jamrozińska / Biuro Prasowe Pucharu Świata Wisła 2017 Date: 12-01-2017
Just like in the previous year, ski-jumping fans that come to Wisła can take advantage of many additional attractions. Those who could not get the tickets for Ski-Jumping competition can come to Wisla centre and watch a life transmission from the World Cup on a large outdoor screen. Fan zone also features concerts of music bands ranging from traditional folklore to disco and dance music.


Fan zone is located in Wisla town centre.
Official opening of the Fan Zone is on 13th January at 20:00. The ceremony of handing bibs to World Cup leaders will be held on stage of the amphitheatre in Wisla. Among the best ski jumpers we will see the current leader Domen Prevc and Daniel Andre Tande. The best Polish athletes such as Kamil Stoch, Maciej Kota and Piotr Żyła will also appear at the ceremony. The event will be followed by music performances – folklore dance ensemble Równica and DJ Adam serving club music.

On Saturday 14th January and Sunday 15th January life transmission will be available for everyone in the tent at Plac Hoffa (Town Square). Transmissions will start at 16:00. Concerts will follow transmissions and will start at 20:00 in the amphitheatre, which is also located in the town centre.

Those who are hungry not only of sports there is good news – foodtruck rally also takes place on 14th and 15th January at the main square. Good food from all parts of the world will be served from the trucks.

Entrance for all events is free of charge.

FIS World Cup Wisla 2017: Official bib distribution ceremony

FIS World Cup Wisla 2017: Official bib distribution ceremony
Author: Dorota Jamrozińska / Biuro Prasowe Pucharu Świata Wisła 2017 Date: 12-01-2017
This Friday on 13th January the official ceremony of bib distribution to the top10 ski jumpers will be held in Wisla centre. Among the athletes from appearing on the amphitheatre stage we will see three competitors from Poland – Kamil Stoch, Maciej Kot and Piotr Żyła.

The ceremony will start at 20:00 and will be followed by a concert of a local folklore dance group and a DJ playing good club and dance music.

Apart from Severin Freund who will not be present, all 10 leaders of the general World Cup classification will start in the competition. The bib distribution ceremony will feature:
1. Domen Prevc - Slovenia
2. Daniel Andre Tande - Norway
3. Kamil Stoch - Poland
4. Stefan Kraft - Austria
5. Maciej Kot - Poland
6. Michael Hayboeck - Austria
7. Manuel Fettner - Austria
8. Markus Eisenbichler - Germany
9. Piotr Żyła (10.) - Poland
10.Andreas Kofler (11.) - Austria
Entrance fee for the bib distribution ceremony is free.

The official training will start at 16:00 at Adam Malysz Ski-Jumping Hill, whereas official qualification for the Sunday individual competition will start at 18:00.



Traffic organisation during Fis World Cup Wisla 2017

Traffic organisation during Fis World Cup Wisla 2017
Author: Dorota Jamrozińska / Biuro Prasowe Pucharu Świata Wisła 2017 Date: 12-01-2017
Similarly to previous years, changes in the traffic organization around Malinka Ski-Jumping Hill are expected before the competition starts. On Saturday and Sunday shuttle traffic movement is planned in Malinka Street in the section of Malinka-Czarne junction up to Cienkow ski car-park. Shuttle movement is dependent on the intensity of car and pedestrian traffic. Changes in the traffic movement can be introduced a few hours before the competition starts and last until ski-jumping finishes. One road-lane will be reserved for pedestrians and the other for automobile movement. The police will assist traffic management. Traffic changes are not planned on Friday.

Attention drivers!
Those who park their cars before Wyzwolenia-Malinka-Czarne junction will not be allowed to drive in the direction of Szczyrk. Traffic will be directed towards Wisla town centre and further in 941 road towards Katowice.
Consequently, drivers who park their cars on the other side of ski jumping hill will not be allowed to the town centre and will be redirected towards Szczyrk.
Standard traffic movement is brought back when most fans leave ski jumping hill and drivers leave car parks.
All who attend the World Cup are kindly requested to follow the police and protection services’ instructions.

Parking zones:
-    From the town centre side:
P-1" Parking, ul. Malinka – 250 cars
P-1. Parking, ul. Wyzwolenia („Nowa Osada” ski lift) – 300 cars
P-3. Parking ul. Wyzwolenia (below DW ”Rymer”) – 50 cars
P-4. Parking around Karczma Beskidzka
P-5. Parking ul. Wyzwolenia („Jonidło”) -  300 cars

- from Szczyrk side:
P-6.Parking ul. Malinczanów – 100 cars
P-7. Parking ul. Malinka (under ski jumping hill ) – 100 cars – partly occupied by the organiser
P-8. Parking around Malinówka Restaurant
P-10. Parking around Primary School in Wisła Malinka – 80 cars
P-11. Parking ul. Malinka (around „Klepki” ski lift) – 200 cars
P-12. Parking ul. Malinka (around „Cieńków” ski lift) – 200 cars
P-13. Parking ul. Czarne – 20 coaches
P-14. Parking ul. Czarne – 10 coaches
P-15. Parking ul. Czarne – 20 coaches
P-16. Parking ul. Czarna Wisełka – 15 coaches



Bus transport for ski-jumping fans

Bus transport for ski-jumping fans
Author: Dorota Jamrozińska / Biuro Prasowe Pucharu Świata Wisła 2017 Date: 12-01-2017
On 13th, 14th and 15th January 2017 bus transport to ski jumping hill and returns are planned according to the regular bus timetables and tickets.


Additional bus communication is provided on 14th and 15th January 2017. Fans can get on the bus at designated bus stops. A return ticket costs 8 zloty.

Departure from Wisla town centre
14th and 15th Jan 2017. time 13:15-15:50, bus leaves every 15 minutes
Buses departure from the town centre (close to Hoffa Town Square) and Olimpijska St. bus stop
Departure from Malinka Ski-Jumping Hill
14th and 15th Jan 2017, up to 1 hour after the competition finishes
Buses departure from the bus stop at Nowa Osada junction



Teams representing 17 countries take part in Fis World Cup Wisla 2017

Teams representing 17 countries take part in Fis World Cup Wisla 2017
Author: Dorota Jamrozińska / Biuro Prasowe Pucharu Świata Wisła 2017 Date: 12-01-2017
68 competitors from 17 countries are coming to Poland to fight in the World Cup, which takes place from 13th to 15th January at Adam Malysz Ski Jump in Wisla Malinka. Apart from the best Polish ski jumpers of the 65th 4 Hills Tournament, such as Kamil Stoch or Piotr Zyla, we will see the leaders of the World Cup, such as Domen Prevc (1st) and Daniel Andre Tande (2nd). Gregor Schlierenzauer from Austria comes back in the game after a long break and chooses Wisla for the place of his first competition.

Ski jumping teams to take part in Wisla World Cup 2017:

Austria: Manuel Fettner, Michael Hayboeck, Andreas Kofler, Stefan Kraft, Markus Schiffner, Gregor Schlierenzauer, Elias Tollinger,

Bulgaria: Vladimir Zografski,

Canada: Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes

Czech Republic: Lukas Hlava, Jakub Janda, Roman Koudelka, Viktor Polasek, Vojtech Stursa,

Estonia: Kaarel Nurmsalu,

Finland: Antti Aalto, Ville Larinto, Jarkko Maeaettae,

France: Vincent Descombes Sevoie,

Japan: Daiki Ito, Noriaki Kasai, Ryoyu Kobayashi, Kento Sakuyama, Taku Takeuchi,

Kazakhstan: Sergey Tkachenko, Marat Zhaparov.

Germany: Markus Eisenbichler, Richard Freitag, Karl Geiger, Stephan Leyhe, Andreas Wank, Andreas Wellinger,

Norway: Anders Fannemel, Johann Andre Forfang, Halvor Egner Granerud, Tom Hilde, Robert Johansson, Andreas Stjernen, Daniel Andre Tande,

Russia: Ilmir Hazetdinov, Evgeniy Klimov, Denis Kornilov, Roman Sergeevich Trofimov,

Slovenia: Jernej Damjan, Aljaz Osterc, Bor Pavlovcic, Cene Prevc, Domen Prevc, Anze Semenic, Jurij Tepes,

Ukraine: Vitaliy Kalinichenko,

USA: Kevin Bickner, Michael Glasder, William Rhoads,

Italy: Davide Bresadola, Sebastian Colloredo,

Poland: Kamil Stoch, Piotr Żyła, Maciej Kot, Dawid Kubacki, Stefan Hula i Jan Ziobro, and the additional six from the national group: Klemens Murańka, Jakub Wolny, Aleksander Zniszczoł, Krzysztof Biegun, Bartłomiej Kłusek i Krzysztof Miętus.


FIS Grand Prix Wisla 2016: Maciej Kot won individual competition

FIS Grand Prix Wisla 2016: Maciej Kot won individual competition
Author: Press Office Date: 23-07-2016
Maciej Kot won in Wisla the second competition of the season FIS Grand Prix 2016, defeated Norwegian Anders Fannemel and Andreas Wellinger from Germany

Maciej Kot was the best in the first round after jump on 133.5 m. At the halfway second place occupied Norwegian Anders Fannemel (131 m), while a third was Germany's Andreas Wellinger, who landed on 126 m.

In the final series Maciej Kot proved that he is the best so far this summer. Nothing changed on the next two position. - I think today we were all afraid of the wind, which was not supposed to be, however, appeared on the hill. There was one big mystery. Fortunately, it did not disturb the run of the contest. You know, they were unlucky, they were lucky, but most of all the level of sports skills decided. From day to day I felt better here, because Thursday's jumps were not good. Friday's team competition was a little bit unlucky for us, we failed to get on the podium. Today, in general, our jumps were better, mine as well. It's nice that someone from Poland stood on the podium and I think fans deserve it. I hope that they are satisfied with what happened today - said the winner

Apart from Maciej Kot, points for general standings FIS Grand Prix collected four other Polish ski jumpers: Jan Ziobro, who was on 7th position (124 and 126.5 m), Kamil Stoch - 10. (123 and 121.5 m), Jakub Wolny - 20. (118 and 123.5 m) and Andrzej Stękała - 21. (119.5 m and 122 m).


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