Marita Kramer won the Prologue

Marita Kramer won the Prologue

AUTHOR: Kinga Stanaszek / Press Office FIS Grand Prix Wisła 2022 PUBLISHED AT: 22-07-2022
The best ski jumpers in the world have inaugurated the summer season. On Friday at Adam Małysz's ski jumping hill in Wisła - Malinka prologue before women's comeptition took place and Marita Kramer triumphed.

32 ski jumpers started in Prologue, which has inaugurated women's rivalry in FIS Grand Prix in Wisła. On Friday the best was Marita Kramer, which jumped over 130 meters as the only one. She jumped 130,5 m and she edged second Ursa Bogataj from Slovenia (126,5 m) by four points. Thrird was Josephine Pagnier from France, she jumped 119 m.

- I first had to find the right feeling for the hill, in the beginning, it was a bit strange. I was a bit unsure about my technique in the inrun. But then my jump in the prologue was great. I wouldn't say that this is my favorite hill. It's beautiful, but if you can't jump well, it's really hard to find a good technique because it's not comparable to the other hills. I like Poland, there are real ski jumping fans here and the atmosphere is great. My goal for tomorrow is to be in the TOP 3 and I just want to jump well and improve my technique - said the winner.

In Prologue started two Poles - Nicole Konderla and Kinga Rajda. Konderla jumped 105,5 m and she was 13th. Kinga Rajda was disqualified due to suit.

- My jumps were quite equal from the beginning. I've achived a good level, even better than during the winter in trainings. Today it was also well, unfortunately I have no control over conditions. I'm focus on making my jumps as in the training - said Konderla.

- I was disqualified due to permeability of the suit, the control has changed a lot since last season. I demand more from myself, but it's a good level to start. I'm still a bit nervous, but I think, that it'll start to work well - said Rajda. - Jumping in front of the home crowd was both motivation and stress. I started trainings on the hill in the end of June and what's more it's not my favourite hill. I want to gradually jump better. So far we were focused on main mistakes - she added.

- Today I wasn't very stressed. Right now we are focused on the basic things, gaining self - confidence. After last season we want to return to emotional balance. This competition is a small test of the results of our work and right now it looks ok. Right now just Kinga and Nicole are ready to compete on the international level - said Szczepan Kupczak after his debut as a coach.