Poles dominated the qualification

Poles dominated the qualification

AUTHOR: Kinga Stanaszek / Press Office FIS Grand Prix Wisła 2022 PUBLISHED AT: 22-07-2022
Polish ski jumpers started the summer season very well, many of them were in the TOP 10. In the Friday evening on the Adam Malysz's hill matchless was Piotr Żyła. Second was Dawid Kubacki and third Aleksander Zniszczoł.

The best ski jumpers in the world traditionally have inauguraed summer season in Wisła. On the start of qualification were 52 competitors, including 12 represenatives of Poland. Polish jumpers did a good job, they dominated the rivalry and took the leading positions.

Piotr Żyła easily won the qualification after the jump of 124,5 m. He jumped 124,5 m and beated second Dawid Kubaciki (121 m) for 6,5 points.Third was Aleksander Zniszczoł (121,5 m). Just behind the best three was ranked Kamil Stoch, he jumped 120 m. In the TOP 10 were also sixth Maciej Kot (120 m), eight Paweł Wąsek (118,5 m) and nineth Jakub Wolny (118 m).

- It’s nice, when the results are good, but it’s based on the hard work I did. I get along really well with my new coach and it paid off. On a scale of 1 to 10, I gave myself 9, because before qualification my jumps were quite on the same level, but all was not going to plan for me. Now I have to focus on tomorrow and fight, because there is still a whole weekend ahead of us - said Piotr Żyła.

- We worked hard and our today's jumps showed that it was a good job. But I feel that still I can be better and I have some things to improve. However, the job I have done paid off and I could see it even if the conditions today weren't perfect, so it shows me, that everything is ok - said Dawid Kubacki.

- I'm not 100% satisfied, because during the trainings I had better jumps. But competition is tomorrow and that's the most important. I was a bit stressed, there were first controls, I have to get used to starts again. We are competing in the team, but it was nice to compete in the international competition - said Aleksander Zniszczoł.

Just behind the TOP 10 qualification ended Tomasz Pilch (117,5 m). 20th was Jan Habdas (115 m), 23rd Kacper Juroszek (113 m) and 28th Andrzej Stękała.

Jarosław Krzak wasn't qualified to the competition. Due to suit he wasn't permitted to start.

- From the first training it was a solid start of our jumpers. They showed a progress between first and third jump and that they can handle the pressure, I'm very happy because of it. Not all best jumpers are here, but it's nice to start in this way. Piotr's jump was very good and I'm satisfied that he improved his result step by step, he did his job. Our result is good, but as I said we don't focus on the results, but on the solid jumps - summed up coach Thomas Thurnbichler.