Ursa Bogataj won in Wisła

Ursa Bogataj won in Wisła

AUTHOR: Kinga Stanaszek / Press Office FIS Grand Prix Wisła 2022 PUBLISHED AT: 23-07-2022
Slovenian Ursa Bogataj won the first FIS Grand Prix competition this season. On the podium were also Austrian Marita Kramer and the other Slovenian - Nika Kriznar.

The fight for the victory in the first competition this summer season lasted to the end. The best was Ursa Bogataj from Slovenia. She jumped 121,5 m and 118,5 m and beat by 0,1 point Marita Kramer (119 m and 118 m). On the podium was also Nika Kriznar (116,5 m i 124,5 m).

- I’m really satisfied with my result. I had a small problem with my landing, but that’s something that I have to still work on. I like this hill, but I think it’s very difficult one. You have to jump really good, otherwise it’s hard to get a great result here - said Ursa Bogataj.

- I’m pretty satisfied. I know that I have some technical problems, but I’m working on that and I’m happy that I was able to change something also during the competitions. It gave me a lot of confidence, because I know that I’m able to change some things and I can improve my jumps also during the competition, try something different. I guess it’s the right direction, I saw where I’m standing and I keep working on. Tomorrow I just want to work on things I’m working on, keep on going and my level will be higher and higher - said Marita Kramer.

- I was stressed, because my jump in trial round was really bad and I was sad about it. It’s nice to get back and just relax. I’m happy that I’ve done it and I was on the podium. I know I still have to work on my landing, but that’s just one thing. Tomorrow I want to be on the podium again and enjoy with Ursa and whole Slovenian team our results in TOP 10 - said Nika Kriznar.

In Wisła competed two polish representatives - Nicole Konderla and Kinga Rajda. The first one jumped102 m and 100,5 m and she was 18.. Rajda ended on 23rd position (86 m and 113,5 m).

- I was fighting till the end, but the conditions weren't the best  in the second phase of the jump. My jumps were o, they could be even better, if I had better conditions. Anyway, I'm happy that they were quite equal. I see a progress in my jump, primarily in my head and it's not like in winter, that I was jumping good just during the trainings - said Nicole Konderla.

- My first jump was late and I didn't have good conditions and it made it impossible for me to jump well. Luckly, I was able to calm down after the first jump. Competition are still stressful for me , even if I have a lot of motivation - said Kinga Rajda.

- We have no influence on conditions, todays our jumpers didn't have a luck for them, but anyway they jumped good. Especially Kinga had bad conditions during the first jump, what is really important on the big hill. But it's great, that she was able to jump well in the second round. It's a good information for me, that Nicole is expressive after her jumps, because it means that she is aware of mistakes she did. In her jumps there are stability and regularity - summed up Szczepan Kupczak.