Stefan Kraft wins FIS Ski Jumping World Cup Wisla 2015

Stefan Kraft wins FIS Ski Jumping World Cup Wisla 2015

AUTHOR: Lucyna Wiselka PUBLISHED AT: 15-01-2015
Thursday World Cup individual competition in Wisla finished after the first round and was won by the Austrian jumper Stefan Kraft, who took the lead in the general standings. The best Polish jumper Kamil Stoch was 15th.

Unfortunately, the wind made it impossible to run two rounds of the World Cup competition on the hill named after Adam Małysz in Wisła Malinka. The jury decided to cancel the final round and the first round results became the official final results. “It’s always better for the competition if there are two rounds, but if it was dangerous and the strength of wind increased, it’s good that the final round was cancelled,” said the German Severin Freund. “The decision to cancel the final round was surprising but according to the forecast the wind would increase, so I think that it was a good decision,”added Prevc.

The second standing of the podium, behind the Austrian jumper who jumped 129,5m, was gained by Peter Prevc. Although the Slovenian performed a longer jump (131,5m), he was the second, in front of the German Severin Freund. Due to his victory the Austrian jumper took the first position in the general World Cup standings with 43 points advantage over the second Michael Hayboeck. ”It’s my second victory in the World Cup. My record set two years ago was really far and great. Today I jumped equally well, although it was a bit dangerous. What’s more I won, so that’s why I like this place. I always like jumping in Poland. The atmosphere is great and the fans really enjoy themselves. Tomorrow we’re going to Zakopane, which is really spectacular place. On Saturday there is the team competition and we expect good results, especially after Klingenthal,” said the winner, Stefan Kraft.

The best Polish jumper Kamil Stoch was 15th and jumped 121,5m. „I regret the first jump, as i spoilt it and additionally the conditions did not help me, but I can only blame myself. The final round was cancelled, but it sometimes happens in ski jumping,” commented Kamil Stoch. “The atmosphere was great, the fans did not disappoint us. We are thankful that they come to support us and ski jumping is still so popular. We want to achieve good results. Each of us does his best every time. I hope that the weather in Zakopane will be good and I’ll manage to improve my jumps and standing,” added Stoch.

Among 30 jumpers who gained World Cup points were also Dawid Kubacki (16th), Aleksander Zniszczoł (21st), Klemens Murańka (22nd), Jan Ziobro (23rd), Stefan Hula (27th). The jumper from Wisła Piotr Żyła, jumped 119,5m and was 29th. During today’s event two jumpers Michael Neumayer and Bartłomiej Kłusek celebrated their birthday. They received the birthdays cakes and the fans sang the birthday song. There were also birthday wishes for Piotr Żyła who was born on 16th January. The celebration of his birthday becomes a tradition during the World Cup competition in Wisła as last year Żyła also celebrated his birthday with the fans on the hill.