FIS Grand Prix In Wisla: Polish representation won team competition!

FIS Grand Prix In Wisla: Polish representation won team competition!

AUTHOR: Alicja Kosman PUBLISHED AT: 02-08-2013
Polish representation turned out the best team in team competition during FIS Grand Prix in Wisla. Kamil Stoch, Maciej Kot, Krzysztof Biegun i Dawid Kubacki won with significant advantage over Germans and Slovenes.

FIS Grand Prix in Wisla was very interesting and exciting. Polish ski jumpers took the first place with a score of 1058.4, second was team of Germany (1022.6), the third step of the podium won Slovenians with 990.2 points. "In Hinterzarten we were winning from the beginning and today we won again." - said Lukasz Kruczek. "Conditions were not exactly equal, but our team was able to jump well." - added the Polish coach. In today's (02.08) competition took part 11 teams, in which eight have been selected for the final round. There was also a surprise for the ski jumping fans - Austrian team finished the competition on the last place.

"Today's conditions were very good, the wind was almost imperceptible, and the audience was fantastic." - said Michael Neumayer. "We did not expect that we will fight for the podium, especially that me and Robert Kranjec are not in a good shape.  Luckily we finished on the third place. Congratulations for the Polish ski jumpers for today's competition." - said Jaka Hvala from Slovenia.

The weather was good for us and also for the fans who came to see the best ski jumpers in the world. "We did our best, our plan was fully realized, all of us have jumped equally." - said Dawid Kubacki. The atmosphere in Wisla was great as always. I'm happy that our fans have come. I think they helped us a lot. I am proud that today I could jump in that team, because all of us had jumped great today." - said Kamil Stoch.

"Even though all the fans are very excited about tomorrow's competition, it is completely different than today's. It's impossible to compare the results of these two days." - added Kruczek.

On Saturday (03.08) an individual ski jumping competition is going to be held. It will begin at. 19.30. It is still possible to buy tickets for the competition in the store Wiślaczek in Wisla (Pl. Hoffa 2) and on the day of the competition on the Adam Malysz's Hill.

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