Polish ski jumpers have ended the training camp in Wisła-Malinka

Polish ski jumpers have ended the training camp in Wisła-Malinka

AUTHOR: Dominika Bączek PUBLISHED AT: 07-07-2017
Polish National Ski Jumping Team trained this week on a hill in Wisła-Malinka. The aim of the four-day-long training camp was to practice on the hill, that’s why 5 of 7 trainings took place on the hill HS-134. “It was a good training camp. The level of jumps is okay, we are on a right track. Some of the jumps in Wisła were really good”, said the Head Coach of Polish National Ski JumpingTeam, Stefan Horngacher.

Kamil Stoch, Maciej Kot, Piotr Żyła, Dawid Kubacki, Stefan Hula, Jakub Wolny, Krzysztof Miętus and Jan Ziobro participated in the training camp in Wisła. Also the ski jumpers who are preparing for the Continental Cups competition in Kranj and the athletes of Polish National Nordic Combined Team trained on the same hill.

Krzysztof Miętus, who joined the National Team this spring, is getting better and better on the hill. “I am absolutely satisfied of the work done during the training camp. The jumps are not yet perfect and stable, some mistakes appear. Mostly in the second period of the camp they were better and it makes me happy. For sure, it is better and more stable than last year. There is an objective that I realise and I see that it works. It was hard at the begging because the trainings were tough and there were so much things to control. It still is, but that time it was new, every exercise was analysed and it has to be done hypercorrectly. Now I got used to that and the trainings are easier for me”, said the ski jumper from Dzianisz.

“The predominant aim of the training camp was to train on the hill and I can admit that it was a good camp. The weather conditions were quite okay. Not perfect, but they permitted us to do all the trainings planned. The level of jumps is okay, we are on a right track. Every athlete works hard and is motivated. Some of the jumps were really good”, explained Stefan Horngacher. In one week there will be FIS Grand Prix competition organised on the same hill in Wisła-Malinka. “We don’t expect too much of the coming up FIS Grand Prix competition because we are still preparing for the winter season. For the moment we plan to participate in the competitions in Wisła, Hinterzarten and Courchevel. We will decide later about the participation in other competitions”, he added.

Also Maciej Kot is contented of his work done during the training camp. “I am really satisfied of my jumps. There was a progress between the begining of the camp and its ending and I ended it with quite nice, far jumps of which I am as satisfied as the coach is. I think that I am on a right track. My jumps made me optimistic before FIS Grand Prix competition in Wisła. It’s nice that the season inauguration is coming up because I like the rivalry and it’s hard not to enjoy that the competition will take place in Poland with our audience. This is what I was waiting for. Certainly summer is just a period of preparation before winter and we won’t judge the participation in the competition by the results, but I will do all my best while jumping in front of the Polish audience. I won’t give up easily!”, said last year winner of the individual competition in Wisła.