Maciej Kot won the qualification! 9 Polish ski jumpers will participate in individual competition

Maciej Kot won the qualification! 9 Polish ski jumpers will participate in individual competition

AUTHOR: Dominika Bączek / Press Office FIS Grand Prix Wisla 2017 PUBLISHED AT: 14-07-2017
At Thursday evening qualification for Saturday’s individual competition FIS Grand Prix took place at Adam Małysz’s Ski Jumping Hill. Polish athletes were the the best, first two places were occupied by them. It is Maciej Kot who won the qualification round after the jump of 128 metres of the distance. Only 0.7 point behind him Dawid Kubacki was classified with a jump of 125 metres. The third place of the podium was occupied by Daniel Andre Tande who jumped 127 metres long.

The weather during the qualification for FIS Grand Prix in Wisła was bright and sunny. Unfortunately due to strong wind the official training was delayed till 19:00.  Just after the training, the qualification, in which participated 12 Polish athletes, started at 20:00. They made Polish fans, who poured at the hill in great numbers, so happy and excited about the upcoming team and individual competition. Maciej Kot won the qualification with a jump of 128 metres of the distance. Just behind him was Dawid Kubacki who jumped only 3 metres less than his teammate. – I treat today’s performance as trial jumps. I think that I did my job properly. Even if I didn’t have perfect weather conditions during my qualification jump, I am rather satisfied how I manage to jump. I am contented of my second place – said Dawid Kubacki. - The competition is the time to show off, not the qualification. This is how my work will look like in upcoming events.

Behind Kot and Kubacki, a Norwegian ski jumper, Daniel Andre Tande, was found. For his jump of 127 metres he scored 129,7 points. – I am satisfied of my qualification jump. It was good and I managed to be at the third step of the podium – said Daniel Andre Tande – Of course as a team will always try to fight for the victory, but tomorrow is a new day, so we will see – added the Norwegian ski jumper asked about the team motivation for the team competition.

We will see 10 Polish athletes in Saturday’s individual competition. Besides Kot and Kubacki, also Stefan Hula was classified in top 10, with his jump of 124.5 metres he was the 7th. Just behind him there were: Klemens Murańka (12th place, 124 metres), Kamil Stoch (13th place, 123 metres) and Piotr Żyła (15th, 123 metres). Some more Polish ski jumpers will compete in Saturday’s individual competition in Wisła such as: Przemysław Kantyka (32nd place, 121.5 metres), Jakub Wolny (48th place, 117 metres) and Aleksander Zniszczoł (50th place, 116.5).

Polish debutant Paweł Wąsek almost manager to win the advance to the final round; he jumped 116.5 metres and ended the qualification at 53th position. – I was really positive about my jumps after the official training and I expected something more. I almost managed to win the advance to the final round of Saturday’s competition. Generally speaking I am contented that I could compete with the best ski jumpers in the world – said Paweł Wąsek – I really wanted to jump perfectly during the qualification and maybe that’s why I made a mistake. I haven’t analysed my jumps with the coach yet. I think that I just took off too late – added the debutant. Other Polish athletes who we won’t see in individual competition are: Jan Ziobro (56th place, 114 metres) and Krzysztof Miętus (57th place, 115.5 metres)

Saturday’s individual competition will start at 17:30, whereas the day before the best ski jumpers in the world will compete in a team competition. Polish World Champions from Lahti (Kamil Stoch, Piotr Żyła, Maciej Kot and Dawid Kubacki) will fight for the victory.