Unexpected podium for German team

Unexpected podium for German team

AUTHOR: Dominika Bączek PUBLISHED AT: 15-07-2017
German team was at the third step of the podium after a dramatic fight with the Slovenian team in a final round of the team competition FIS Grand Prix in Wisła-Malinka. The best athlete of the team was definitely Stephen Leyhe, who was at the podium in his group just behind the Polish athlete, Dawid Kubacki. Also the second jump of Andreas Wellinger was one of the reasons why the German team won with the Slovenians. In Friday’s team competition the Poles were the best and the second step of the podium went for the athletes from Norway.

All German ski jumpers were so contented about their result.  Stephen Leyhe said during the press conference that the third place in team competition made him so happy and he’s ready to fight for his best jumps at Saturday’s event. - I think that it was a great start for us. Everything was pretty perfect, but we have to improve our shape. Now, after standings we know that we have to improve a little bit because the winter season comes – said Andreas Wank. Also Andreas Wellinger, whose second jump (131 metres) was the longest one among his teammates, is excited about the result: - The second jump was much better. In ski jumping everything is so close between the first and the second round. You know, everything changes, you’re the fourth, the fifth and finally you are the second or the third. After my first jump I needed to talk with my coaches and thanks to that the second jump was a little bit different and fortunately much longer. Also Karl Geiger, who jump the second in German team, happy about the third place, noticed that there are still some problems with their jumps: - We are happy about the third place. We had some problems with our jumps and the teams were really close to each other, but we managed to get on the podium. We are really satisfied and now we focus on individual competition.

All of the German ski jumpers are ready to fight for the best results in Saturday’s individual competition. Athletes from other countries are in  a good shape as well, but the Germans try to stay positive and really focused. - Tomorrow may be like today, that in the first round a jump was worse, but I will try to do all my best and then we will see. Maybe I will manage to do both jumps like in the final round of the team competition – said Andreas Wellinger whose jump in the final round was one of the longest in the whole competition.

What are the German plans for the upcoming winter season? - Maybe I will fight for the first position – explained Andreas Wank - To win the team overall classification, maybe to make it like three years ago, when the Germany  was the first nation, leading the World Cup. This is our plan for the winter season. And as well the Olympics are straight before the door, so we will go for it – said at the end. - We have been working hard and now we are in the middle of our training plan. It is still a lot to do before winter season, so we have to keep working – added Karl Geiger.

All German athletes are strongly impressed by Polish fans who  came to cheer the ski jumpers at Adam Małysz’s Ski Jumping Hill. - For sure I like the atmosphere in Wisła! Every time everything is so special here. The people are so happy and crazy while cheering. When the Poles are at the podium they sing the national anthem, it’s fantastic! – said Andreas Wellinger. Also Andreas Wank is impressed by the attitude of Poles: - Wisła is an amazing place and a nice start for the season for us. I really love Polish fans, when they cheer I feel that they’re with ski jumpers. It is very cool.

- I think that it is always good to make a qualification jump every weekend. In my opinion before the system changed, it was a little bit unfair for the rest of the athletes that the top “10” ski jumpers of the overall classification were pre-qualified, especially in the inauguration of the new season competition or during some big events like The Four Hill Tournament or World Championship – said Andreas Wank about the new qualification system that is tested during FIS Grand Prix in Wisła- Malinka. -  I think that if a ski jumper is as good to be pre-qualified, he will make a good jump and he won’t have any problems in qualification round – added Karl Geiger.