Polish ski jumpers dominated the competition in Wisła!

Polish ski jumpers dominated the competition in Wisła!

AUTHOR: Dominika Bączek / Press Office FIS Grand Prix Wisla 2017 PUBLISHED AT: 16-07-2017
It was the second evening in Wisła-Malinka where Polish ski jumping stars shined the brightest. After winning in the team competition, the Poles dominated also the individual one where two first steps of the were occupied by Polish ski jumpers. Dawid Kubacki won Saturday’s event with 3,4 points in advance. Maciej Kot was the second. Karl Geiger stood at the third step of the podium and he lost 5.1 points to Dawid.

Fans who came to see FIS Ski Jumping Grand Prix Wisła 2017 had the chance to  sing Polish anthem acapella twice. After the success in team competition, Polish athlete Dawid Kubacki won the individual event. He jumped 128 metres in the first round and 132.5 metres in the final round.

Second step of the podium belonged  to Maciej Kot ( 133 metres and 127.5 metres). Karl Geiger was the third with his jumps of 130 metres and 128 metres of distance.

5 of 9 Polish athletes manager to jump in the final round of the individual competition. Also the result of Stefan Hula was really good, he finished the competition at 5th position. Piotr Żyła jumped 125 metres and 124 metres and he ended at 13th position. Jakub Wolny, the last of Polish atheletes, was 29th.

Unfortunately Kamil Stoch didn’t manage to qualify to the final round of the individual competition with jump of 119 metres of distance. He ended the event at 31st position. Other Polish ski jumpers were: 34th – Klemens Murańka (119.5 metres), 35th Aleksander Zniszczoł (119 metres) and 42nd – Przemysław Kantyka (117 metres).

After the inauguration of FIS Grand Prix Wisła 2017 Polish team is the leader in Nations Cup with the result of 647 points. Norway is the second team in that standing (468 points) and Germans ski jumpers  are the third (401 points.)