Program of Beskidy Cup is already known!

Program of Beskidy Cup is already known!

AUTHOR: Dominika Bączek / Press Office Beskidy Cup Szczyrk & Wisla 2017 PUBLISHED AT: 04-08-2017
Three different ski jumping hills and three days of contests in Szczyrk, Wisła and Frenstat - this is the program of this year's Continental Cup taking place in Poland nad Czech Republic under the name of Beskidy Cup.After the 30-years-old break Beskidy Cup returns to the schedule of summer events. In the past, Beskidy Cup was organised 31 times (1958-1989) as one of the FIS Cup competition.


First Beskidy Cup contest took place in 1958 and Polish ski jumper, Władysław Tajner, was the winner. On the podium stood as well, other Polish athletes - Stefan Przybyła and Andrzej Gąsienica-Daniel. Years ago the event was organised at two hills - at a normal hill Skalite in Szczyrk and at a large hill in Wisła-Malinka. Last competition of Beskidy Cup was in 1989 and it was Jan Kowal, who won the contest. Stefan Horngacher, currenr Head Coach of Polish team, was the second and Jarosław Mądry stood at the third step of the podium.

After 28 years of break, Beskidy Cup will be organised this year but its rules has changed. Before, the event took place in winter. Now - during Summer Continental Cup at three hills - in Szczyrk, in Wisła and for the first time in history - in Frenstat (Czech Republic). First day of the event will held in Szczyrk at normal hill. Then, the ski jumpers will jump at Adam Małysz's Hill in Wisła-Malinka. The last competition will take place in Frenstat.


Programm of Beskidy Cup:

Wisła - Thursday, 17th of August 2017
- 20:00 - TCM in Wisła

Szczyrk - Friday, 18th of August 2017
- 14:00 - official training (one round)
- 15:30 - trial round
- 17:00 - first round of the competition

Wisła - Saturday, 19th of August 2017
- 16:00 - official training (one round)
- 17:30 - trial round
- 19:00 - first round of the competition

Frenstat - Sunday, 20th of August 2017
- 11:30 - official training (one round)
- 12:30 - trial round
- 13:30 - opening ceremony
- 14:00 - Beskidy Cup final