Polish podium in the first event of Beskidy Cup in Szczyrk!

Polish podium in the first event of Beskidy Cup in Szczyrk!

AUTHOR: Dominika Bączek / Press Office Beskidy Cup Szczyrk & Wisla 2017 PUBLISHED AT: 18-08-2017
Beskidy Cup comes back to the schedule of Summer Continental Cup. The events take place in Poland and Czech Republic. Polish ski jumpers dominated in the inauguration event. Aleksander Zniszczoł stood at the first step of the podium; he jumped 99 metres in the first round and 100.5 metres in the final round. He was only 0.5 point better than another Polish athlete, Klemens Murańka, who jumped 97.5 metres and 101 metres. At the third step of the podium stood Miran Zupancic from Slovenia (95.5 metres and 101.5 metres).

Three different ski jumping hills and three days of competitions – in Szczyrk, in Wisła and in Frenstat – this is how looks the Continental Cup in Poland and in Czech Republic that take place under the name of Beskidy Cup. Beskidy Cup comes back to the rivalry after the break of almost thirty years. Someday it was organised as one of the FIS competition in the years 1958-1989.

The weather during the inauguration was beautiful, sunny and hot. The best at HS-106 Hill in Szczyrk was Aleksander Zniszczoł, who won the competition in front of the Polish audience. In my opinion today  it was a taught competition but I managed to perform two good jumps. I’m satisfied with my performance. Every jump, except that from the official training, was correct. – said Polish athlete - I didn’t expect that I can win in today’s competition in Szczyrk. I just wanted to do my best and this is what I done. I had nice jumps in official training so I knew that I’m capable to fight for the podium. In my opinion today’s conditions at hill were fair for every athlete. The wind was the problem during the official training and the trial round, but then the weather was better and in the final round I can say that it was pretty perfect for jumping. – he added.

Fans from Poland had more opportunities to scream of joy because at the second step of the podium stood another Polish athlete – Klemens Murańka.  I’m also contented about my performance. Second place is also a good place. It was quite hot today for jumping and I don’t like the weather like that. But generally speaking I’m glad. – said the ski jumper from Zakopane - I’m in a good shape and I enjoy jumping. During our last trainings in Frenstat my jumps were really satisfying. What I have to do now is to keep performing in the same way.

At the third step of the podium stood a Slovenian athlete, Miran Zupancic. I am so satisfied about my today’s performance but unfortunately I made some mistakes. I’m glad that despite them I managed to stand at the third step of the podium – summarizes the ski jumper.

Second competition of the Beskidy Cup will take place at Saturday (19th of August) in Wisła-Malinka at Adam Małysz’s Ski Jumping Hill. The first round of the event will start at 19:00.