Start list for the first round of the Beskidy Cup in Wisła-Malinka

Start list for the first round of the Beskidy Cup in Wisła-Malinka

AUTHOR: Dominika Bączek / Press Office Beskidy Cup Szczyrk & Wisla 2017 PUBLISHED AT: 19-08-2017
The second event of Beskidy Cup will take place at Saturday (19th of August) at Adam Małysz’s Ski Jumping Hill in Wisła-Malinka. Radek Židek decided that he won’t change anything in Polish team for the Saturday’s competition in Wisła so that we will see 11 Polish athletes in the first round – then same who jumped in Szczyrk at Friday.

Similarly like in Szczyrk at Friday, 75 athletes from 18 different nations, among them 11 Polish ski jumpers, will participate in the competetition organised in Wisła-Malinka. All Polish athletes: Aleksaner Zniszczoł, Klemens Murańka, Bartłomiej Kłusek, Bartosz Czyż, Jan Ziobro, Krzysztof Miętus, Paweł Wąsek, Krzysztof Biegun, Przemysław Kantyka, Stanisław Biela and Łukasz Bukowski, will have the opportunity to fight for point in COC classification. – We won’t change anything in the squad for the competition in Wisła so that in the event will jump all the athletes we saw in Szczyrk – informs Radek Židek, Head Coach of Polish National Team B – Today we had an exam in our team. Andrzej Stękała was a fore-jumper and I must admit that he jumped much better, but not good enough to jump at Saturday in Wisła. He must continue the trainings that make his performance better. What else, he needs to concentrate on  the upcoming period, on the competitions in Stams and Trondheim. It’s worth to add that his jumps still are quit unstable and unclear – adds the Coach from Czech Republic.

Radek Židek emphasizes the fact that he will choose the best five Polish ski jumpers who will participate in Sunday’s competition in Frenstat after the second event of Beskidy Cup organised in Wisła-Malinka. – We will decide at Saturday who will go to Frenstat to participate in the final of Beskidy Cup. After only the first event in Szczyrk it is too early to choose the best athletes – summarizes the Coach.

Programm of Beskidy Cup:

 Wisła - Saturday, 19th of August 2017
- 16:00 - official training (one round)
- 17:30 - trial round
- 19:00 - first round of the competition

Frenstat - Sunday, 20th of August 2017
- 11:30 - official training (one round)
- 12:30 - trial round
- 13:30 - opening ceremony
- 14:00 - Beskidy Cup final

Entry for Polish events of Beskidy Cup is free, so we invite all the fans to come and cheer up Polish team.

Start list for the first round of the competition