Zupancic wins the competition in Wisła! Murańka leads the Beskidy Cup!

Zupancic wins the competition in Wisła! Murańka leads the Beskidy Cup!

AUTHOR: Dominika Bączek / Press Office Beskidy Cup Szczyrk & Wisla 2017 PUBLISHED AT: 19-08-2017
Second competition of Beskidy Cup took place under the rainy weather at Saturday in Wisła at Adam Małysz’s Ski Jumping Hill.

The winner of the event was Miran Zupancic from Slovenia. After the first round Slovenian athlete was the fifth, but his jump of 130.5 metres long gave him the first step on the podium. - In every competition I try to be the first. Today I made two good jumps, especially the second was good. I’m really happy that I managed to be the first – says the Slovenian ski jumper - The weather wasn’t the problem for me. I was focused on my jumps. I really like the hill. Every time I come to Wisła I like jumping here – he adds.

Klemens Murańka from Poland stood on the second step on the podium. He also jumped 130.5 metres, but his overall score was smaller and he lost 1.2 point to Zupancic. At the same time he became the leader of Beskidy Cup. - Today I made two good jumps. That one from the official training wasn’t as good as I expected that it would be, but in the end I am so contented about my performance. Tommorow will be the third competition of Beskify Cup and I will fight till the end. I feel marvellous that the Beskidy Cup leader bib is mine. I know that I owe to my hard work and the renunciations – says Klemens Murańska about his performance - What was missing for the first position? Better jump. Generally speaking it was alright, but I missed a little bit of luck.

Alex Insam from Italy was the third in today’s competition. He jumped 128 metres.  - I didn’t expect to have a such a good result. I’m so happy because my jumps were really good. We train a lot in Wisła, so I know the hill – says Italian athlete.

Third competition of Beskidy Cup will take place at Sunday in Frenstat, Czech Republic.

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