Norwegians to win the first team competition this season

Norwegians to win the first team competition this season

AUTHOR: Dominika Bączek / Press Office FIS World Cup Wisla 2017 PUBLISHED AT: 18-11-2017
Athletes from Norway turned out to be the best in the first team competition of new winter World Cup season 2017/2018. The team, among which was Johann Andre Forfang, Anders Fannemel, Daniel Andre Tande and Robert Johansson, stood at the first step of the podium. Behind them Polish and Austrian teams were placed ex aequo at the second step.

Ski jumping fans have waited for such a competition for couple of months. Hill in Wisla-Malinka helds the season 2017/2018 opening and today’s competition has opened the Nations Cup Standing. Thanks to the great jumps of Kamil Stoch, Maciej Kot, Dawid Kubacki and Piotr Żyła, Polish team was leading the standing after the first round of the event. The best jump among them belonged to Dawid Kubacki – 125.5 metres of distance. 8 best teams were qualified for the final round, but this competition wasn’t good for every nation. Lukas Hlava (Czech Republic), Sergey Tkachenko (Kazakhstan) and two athletes from Finland – Andeas Alamommo and Ville Larinto, were disqualified due to problems with the equipment. That’s why their teams couldn’t participate in the final round and the competition has ended for them early.

For 8 thousand of fans at Adam-Malysz-hill the most important fact of today’s comptetition was that Polish team managed to stand at the podium. Polish team was the second ex aequo with the Austrians. They both had 1006.5 point after 8 jumps. – For athletes this competition was really interesting. Our second place is a big gift for us, because we have trained a lot recently. It shows that we are in a good shape as a team and that we can continue our work with no pressure – enjoys Kamil Stoch – The differences between the nations after the first round were really small, that’s why the final round was so interesting, both for the ski jumpers and the fans. We treat this place on the podium as a gift after the summer’s hard work. We need to stay calm because there are a lot of important event in front of us and the shape is growing up. I’m glad that we could be on the podium in front of amazing Polish fans. It is always really amazing to win in Poland - added Maciej Kot.

There wasn’t a lot of space on the second step of the podium where 8 ski jumpers were to stay. Fortunately nobody felt uncomfortable, because both them were happy of their results. - It was a really great performance, we had a really good team competition. Our team was very young today, so we are so satisfied with this second place ex aequo with the Polish team – said Stefan Kraft, the best athlete from Austria. In team competition he jumped 12 and 130 metres. Good jumps in the first round and perfect shape in the final round were the secret of the success of Norway team. They finished the competition with 17.3 points in advance.  - Today we made a really good performance, a strong performance of every athlete in the team. We managed to step it off from yesterday’s training, so it was really fun – briefly said Johann Andre Forfang.

Individually in Norway team it was Daniel Andre Tande who made the best performance, he jumped 129 and 126.5 metres. Among Polish ski jumpers it is Dawid Kubacki (125.5 and 122.5 metres) and Maciej Kot (124 and 126 metres) who jumped the furthest.

The individual competition takes place on Sunday and 7 Polish athletes will participate in the first round. Trial round is planned at 2pm, the first round of the event will start just before its ending.

Official results of Team competition: