Foreign ski jumpers comment the Team competition

Foreign ski jumpers comment the Team competition

AUTHOR: Dominika Bączek / Press Office FIS World Cup Wisła 2017 PUBLISHED AT: 19-11-2017
At Saturday the first team competition in the winter season 2017/2018 took place at Adam-Malysz-hill in Wisla-Malinka. First place went to Norway team. At the second step of the podium stood ex aequo ski jumpers from Poland and Austria. This is how foreign athletes comment their performance, the hill and plans for the Olympic season.

Johann Andre Forfang:

  • Today we made a really really good performance, a strong one of every athlete in the team. We managed to step it off from yesterday’s training, so it was really fun. I think my first jump was failed. To be honest it was really bad jump. Then I managed to do some changes in the final round and I showed what I’m capable of.
  • The landing is a little bit rough. It’s hard to prepare the hill with this kind of snow, so the landing is a little bit hard and bumping. Jumping is pretty tough  but I think we managed to jump pretty well after worse.
  • The atmosphere in Wisla is always incredible. It always something else than on the other hills and it’s fun to jump here. I prefer more the hill here in Wisla than in Zakopane but there is probably more fans there, but if I have to choose, I would say Wisla.


Stefan Kraft:

  • It was a really great performance, we had a really good team competition. Our team was very today, so we are so satisfied with this second place ex aequo with the Polish team. The first jump wasn’t my best, but the second was really good.
  • New ice track is really nice, in perfect conditions. It makes the jumps little easier. The landing today was also better than yesterday and I think tomorrow it will be really good. Accidents can always happen. It’s hard because it’s our first snow contest and we are not as safe on the skies. I think tomorrow it will be little bit better. At Sunday we jump one hour earlier so it won’t be so icy on the landing. I think there will be no accidents tomorrow.
  • There are a lot of big highlights this season. We have 4HT, Ski Flying WC, the Olympics. Of course I want to win a medal at the Olympic Games, it is a big aim for me. I’m looking forward for a great season. With the team the biggest goal that is set are the Olympics, they’re held every four years. In 2013 I couldn’t start because I was the 6th athlete in the team, and for that it’s a big goal. The biggest aim – to win the medal with my team.


Daniel Huber:

  • My jump in the first round was really good but that one in the last one was a little bit early on the take off and then I didn’t get enough height to fly long. All in all it was a good day for me.
  • The landing of the hill is little bumpy. It’s not easy to make a telemark. I think it’s okay. We have to congratulate the whole team for making for us such a great competition on snow, so I can live with that.
  • I didn’t make any special goal for this season. Of course I will try to be the part of the team for the Olympics, but it’s a long way until this event and I want to take it from competition to competition, from jump to jump and we will see the results. Of course I would like to stay in the WC, to jump in all competitions this season until the end. If I can do that, it will be my dream. It could be the chance for me that other Austrian ski jumpers are injured. As I said before it’s still a long season and this is the first competition almost done so we will see.


Clemens Aigner:

  • I’m really happy about today because it was my first team competition. I was a little bit nervous but I think we all made a good job and we’re glad with the second place.
  • I think the new ice tracks are really good. The preparation of the hill is not easy, but it’s good. The organization is doing a good job. I hope that tomorrow we will have a good competition.
  • I want to compete in all World Cup competitions and maybe the second goal – going for the Olympics this year.


Andreas Wellinger:

  • It was a really close competition and on a really high level, so we weren’t allowed to make some mistakes. Not me and not our team. My jumps were better than yesterday. We’re looking for the individual competition. I hope that tomorrow I’ll make a good performance.
  • The new ice tracks  are really good. The landing is not the best, it’s difficult for all. The snow is just from a machine, so it’s not easy for the people who prepared the hill and for us. This snow is not exactly the “snow”, because of the temperature. How can you prepare the hill now? You need to froze it. In the morning it warmer, so the snow is much softer and then in the evening it’s getting frozen again. So I think that’s the biggest difference between the normal snow and that artificial snow.
  • This season I want to jump on a high level from today until the end of march. And the rest? We will see what’s going to happen. As a team we want to perform well in the competitions, especially in the Ski Flying event and in the Olympics.
  • I think both Stefan Kraft and Kamil Stoch are in a god shape. Especially Stefan yesterday showed his best, Kamil today in the trial round did the same. Everything is possible this season. I think  it will be a close competition tomorrow like today.