Foreign ski jumpers comment the individual competition

Foreign ski jumpers comment the individual competition

AUTHOR: Dominika Bączek / Press Office FIS World Cup Wisla 2017 PUBLISHED AT: 20-11-2017
The first individual competition of the winter season took place on Sunday at Adam-Malysz-hill in Wisla-Malinka. The unexpected winner of the event was Junshiro Kobayashi. Kamil Stoch stood at the second step of the podium and the third place went to the Austrian athlete, Stefan Kraft. This is how some of the foreign ski jumpers commented their performance in the event.

Stefan Kraft ( 3rd place):

  • My jumps were good today. Sometimes I have a little more back wind or no wind but that always happen in ski jumping. If I had two perfect jumps, I would have win the individual competition, but all in all it was a great contest for me.
  • It was a really close and tough competition today. Junshiro was really good in the summer season and in overall classification. He practised a lot during summer and he will be in a good shape in winter. Of course it was a little bit surprising that the win went to him and that he is mentally so strong to have two good jumps. Really good.
  • I don’t think that Kamil is my biggest rival. There are 5 to 10 good athletes that will compete for the best places this winter.

Daniel Huber ( 6th place):

  • I’m very satisfied after today’s individual competition which I finished at 6th place. It was amazing! Both of my jumps were good today. In the first round maybe I had some problems with the wind and in the final round there was a small lack from my side, but I managed to make the second jump really good. So I’m very happy with my result.
  • The landing was better than yesterday, but still a little bit bumpy. I had some difficulties with my landing but this is something I have to work on during this season and I will do it.
  • It was a really great weekend here in Wisla. The hill was in perfect conditions, except of some bumps on the landing. The weather was quite good, today it was some changes due to the wind from more back wind to less back wind. All in all it was a great weekend and a great competition today.

Stephan Leyhe (10th place):

  • Today for me it was a good competition. My first jump was satisfying, but the second one was bad. All in all I’m really happy with my 10th place. It’s a good start in the winter season.
  • The conditions at the hill has changed from Friday until today, it was getting better and better. On Friday the hill was the worst, the snow was hard and  the landing was bumpy.
  • I won’t say that it was a bad idea to organize the season opening in Wisla. All in all it was a really good inauguration. It’s always hard to prepare the hill so early, to get the snow when it’s not  so cold.

Karl Geiger (17th place):

  • My first jump wasn’t my best, but the second one was quite okay. It is the start of the season so I’m satisfied with my result. Before the next competition in Finland I will work on my performance to get it better. I hope it will be better from competition to competition. I have a lot to do.
  • In my opinion the lading was better than the other days and  I see that a lot of work has been done on the tracks. It was quite hard to land, but the organizers give their best to prepare the hill.
  • It was a great idea to organize the season opening in Wisla. Every time when I come to Poland, especially this weekend during the inauguration, I can feel the amazing spirit of ski jumping and the magic of the new season.
  • My two main goals for the season is getting better and competing in big events with German team. Just having fun and jump far.

Clemens Aigner (22nd place):

  • Today’s  competition was a great start into a new season for me. I’m really looking forward for the next World Cup event in Ruuka and I hope to improve my jumping.
  • I think it was a good start of the season organized here in Wisla. The hill wasn’t perfect due to the problems with landing, but it was better than yesterday. It’s bad that some jumpers fell. I hope that Daiki Ito will get better soon.
  • It was my debut in the team competition on Sunday and it was really cool to stand on the podium together with the Polish athletes. It will be a really nice memory.  I hope that it wasn’t my last team contest in Austrian team.
  • The atmosphere at  the hills in Poland is the best in the world.

Anders Fannemel (25th place):

  • My first jump wasn’t perfect and I was quite disappointed after a good training. Also the conditions during this weekend were tough. There were problems with landing because some points were bumpy. The landing gets better from day to day, but it’s still challenging to jump at that hill.
  • Sunday’s competition was a really nice contest for us. What a good start of the season! I wish we have jumped better today.
  • Everything is really well prepared during the season opening in Wisla, I know that it’s difficult to prepare the hill. Fortunately the weather was perfect, the atmosphere is amazing.
  • My goal is to be in top10 by season ends, maybe to stand on the podium in some competitions.  As a team we wish to win team event at the Olympics.