Summer and winter season inauguration competitions again in Wisła!

Summer and winter season inauguration competitions again in Wisła!

AUTHOR: Dominika Bączek / Press Office FIS Grand Prix Wisla 2018 PUBLISHED AT: 23-05-2018
On Friday, 13th of April in Zurich, Switzerland, the FIS commission responsible for setting the calendar of ski jumping events has accepted the schedule of the events for the next season. For the second time in history the inauguration of both summer and winter season will take place at Adam Małysz Hill in Wisła-Malinka. The only condition to organise the events is the installation of the wind-shields.

Four important ski  jumping events will be held in Poland in the summer. FIS Cup competition for both men and women athletes is planned for the middle of July  in  Szczyrk at HS-106 hill. One week later the best ski jumpers in the world will inaugurate FIS Grand Prix 2018. Only men athletes will jump at Adam  Małysz Hill.

Later, in the middle of August, Continental Cup will be organised in the name of Beskidy Cup. The rivalry will take place at three different ski jumping hills. Firstly, on the 17th of August at HS-106 hill  in Szczyrk, then in Wisła-Malinka at Adam Małysz Hill and finaly in Frenstat, Czech Republic. After a few years break summer Continental Cup comes back to Zakopane at Wielka Krokiew Hill. The events will take place 22-23 of September.

For the second time in history the inauguration of winter season will be organised in Poland. The first team competition will be held on the 17th of November, whereas the best athletes will compete in the individual event one day later. During April’s  conference in Zurich it was said that the installation of winds-shields is obligatory at Adam Małysz Hill in Wisła-Malinka.

Zakopane will be the host of three winter events. FIS Cup  competition is planned for the second weekend of January 2019 and it will be the general test before the World Cup which will be held one week later. Continental Cup event is going to be in March 2019.
International ski jumping competitions in Poland during the season 2018/2019
Summer 2018:
14-15.07.2018 - FIS Cup in Szczyrk
21-22.07.2018 – inauguration of FIS Grand Prix in Wisła  (21.07. – team event, 22.07. – individual event)*
Summer Continental Cup – Beskidy Cup - 17.08. - Szczyrk, 18.08. - Wisła, 19.08. - Frenstat
22-23.09.2018 – Summer Continental Cup in Zakopane

Winter 2018/2019:
17-18.11.2018 – inauguration of FIS World Cup in Wisła (17.11. – team event, 18.11. – individual event)*
12-13.01.2019 - FIS Cup in Zakopane
19-20.01.2019 – FIS World Cup in Zakopane (19.11. – team event, 20.01. – individual event)
16-17.03.2019 – Continental Cup in Zakopane
*installation of wind-shields is an obligatory condition to organise events in Wisła