FIS Grand Prix 2018: Polish ski jumpers dominated in Wisła! Stoch won the qualification!

FIS Grand Prix 2018: Polish ski jumpers dominated in Wisła! Stoch won the qualification!

AUTHOR: Dominika Bączek / Press Office FIS Grand Prix Wisła 2018 PUBLISHED AT: 20-07-2018
Polish ski jumpers have perfectly inaugurated summer season of FIS Grand Prix 2018, they all will perform in Sunday’s individual competition. Kamil Stoch was definitely the best this evening at Adam Małysz Hill in Wisła-Malinka. His jump was marvellous – 137 meters and let him win the qualification. Second place also went to one of Stefan Horngacher’s ski jumpers – Piotr Żyła, who jumped 131 meters, whereas Karl Geiger was the third (126 meters).

Kamil Stoch needed only half of meter to beat summer record of Adam Małysz Hill in Wisła. – I think that I’m in a  good shape now, but there is still a lot of thing I need to work on in my technique. I will train calmly to get my jumps better – says the leader of Polish team. – Taking part in summer competitions is important, but the most important is the work we done while competing. The events are to control at which point I am with my shape. What’s more, it’s always good to compete with other athletes, otherwise it’s hard to come to the rivalry – he adds. – My jumps are good and I’m on a good way with my preparations for the next season. I’m still working on my landing, because it is still not as I want. I have also some more things to improve, for.ex: in-run position or the take-off position. To be honest, there is still something  to work on in ski jumping, because it’s not possible to keep everything in a good shape – says Kamil Stoch.

Three-time Olympic champion beaten his teammate Piotr Żyła by almost 10 points. Piotr managed to land 3 time after 130 meters. 

Friday’s qualification at Adam Małysz Hill was amazing for Polish ski jumpers, because all of them will jump in the individual competition. Also Aleksander Zniszczoł (6th position, 126.5 meters) and Maciej Kot (10th position, 124 meters) were classified in the top10. 11th position went to Tomasz Pilch (125 meters). For him it was a debut in a FIS Grand Prix competition. – My training jumps  weren’t so good, by it was better in the qualification and I’m satisfied with my performance. I am glad that I will jump in the individual competition  and with my 11th place – says Tomasz Pilch. I need to improve my take-off position. My jump are often late and then the take-off is difficult. I made this mistake in my first two jumps and then in the air it wasn’t so good. Fortunately it was better in the qualification – he adds.

Paweł Wąsek ( 12th place, 127 meters) and Jakub Wolny (13th position, 126 meters) were placed just behind Pilch. – Today my jumps weren’t as good as during our training camps. Maybe I wanted too much and  that’s why the good jumps were missing. But I think that as for the beginning of the season, it wasn’t so bad – says with the smile on his face Jakub Wolny. – Today I had still problems with the take-off, it was better during the trainings that’s why I feel some hunger and I’m not 100% satisfied  - adds 23-years-old athlete. – Since the beginning our preparation I improved strongly, so it slowly starts to work.

The rest of the results of Polish ski jumpers are as follows: Dawid Kuback (121.5 meters, 16th place), Stefan Hula (122.5 meters  17th place), Przemysław Kantyka (124 meters, 22nd place) and Andrzej Stękała (118 meters,  42nd place).

Tommorow it will be the second day of the rivalry at Adam Małysz Hill in Wisła-Malinka. 10 teams will compete in the team competition. The training round is planned at 4.30 pm, whereas the competition starts at 5.30pm.