FIS Grand Prix 2018: Polish knockout!

FIS Grand Prix 2018: Polish knockout!

AUTHOR: Dominika Bączek / Press Office FIS Grand Prix Wisła 2018 PUBLISHED AT: 21-07-2018
The only one team competition in FIS Grand Prix 2018 was held today at Adam Małysz Hill in Wisła-Malinka. Polish competitors dominated the event which they won with no doubt. Poland was represented by Maciej Kot, Dawid Kubacki, Kamil Stoch and Piotr Żyła, whose jumps were really far. They predominated the second team with more than 70 points. Germany stood on the second step of the podium and Norway on the third.

Knockout. That’s all we can write about Saturday’s team  competition which was  held at Adam Małysz Hill. Polish athletes were unbeatable and won the competition in a very beautiful way which pleased all Polish fans. Far jumps of Polish competitors were the proof that the event were phenomenal. Poles had 71.3 points in advance when it comes to comparison with the German team.

Maciej Kot started the fight by Polish side. He jumped 125 and 127 meters. - I felt really good. I think, that my today’s shape what as good as my jumps during trainings and it’s always a positive information. Of course, the shape is far from my optimal form. When it comes to preparation and mistakes from winter, we analysed them a lot, all those technical mistakes from the ski jump and now we decided to analyse everything in a different way. Last time I didn’t work a lot on by flight position, but I spend a lot of time on everything that happens before. As you see, even the most basic elements, the in-run position and the take-off were very well, and then, the flight is not so bad. So, that’s our direction – says Maciej.

Dawid Kubacki jumped as a second athlete in Polish team. His first jump was o 128 meters, whereas the second of three more meters. - I have positive feelings about this competition, nice weather, amazing fans and my teammates made a good performance. My jumps were really nice. I think that this is a positive beginning of the summer season. There is still a lot of work to do before the winter season and in my opinion, we will mostly focus on that – he comments.

Kamil Stoch performer as good as his teammates. He jumped 135 meters and 126.5 meters. - I am really surprised with my shape and with every jump itself. I feel much better at this point of season than last year and, when it comes to different aspects, that I’m a better ski jumper. I am conscious that still there is a lot of work in front of me this summer, because there is still some things that are not working as I wanted – says three-times Olympic champion.

The competition was ended by Piotr Żyła. His performance during this weekend is amazing. His jump (136m) was the longest during the whole event, whereas that one from the final round was of 130.5 meters long. - Na pewno fajnie mi się skakało, w zasadzie od początku przygotowań mi się dobrze skacze. Tu po prostu skakałem to co umiałem. Tak na pewno to była dla mnie nowa sytuacja. W pierwszej serii poradziłem sobie fajnie, a w drugiej była taka przewaga, że tak naprawdę nie było co zepsuć – says Żyła.

Second place belonged to German  team. They won with the Norwegian ski jumpers. Germany was represented by: Karl Geiger (128.5 and 131m), Stephan Leyhe (124 and 1m), Andreas Wellinger (120 and 1m) and Richard Freitag (126.5 and 131m).  - I’m really happy with my jumps and generally as a team, we all made really great competition jumps.  We stood at the second step of the podium so I can say that we made a great job – says Karl Geiger - Like every year, the atmosphere in Wisła is great, so there is always a lot of fun to jump here.

Norwegian team stood at the third step of the podium. Norway was represented by: Halvor Egner Granerud (124.5 and  127.5m), Marius Lindvik (120 and 126m),  Johann Andre Forfang (125 and 123.5m) and Robert Johansson (126.5 and 125.5m). - I think all of the guys could perform a little bit better, but all in all it was a good day for our team. We were on the podium,  so we are happy with the result – comments Johann Andre Forfang - We are in Wisła since Monday and it rained a lot, so we had problems with training, but now it’s wonderful. Well, it’s always better to jump under the sun.

The best ski jumpers in the world will finish their rivalry in Wisła by the individual competition which will be held on Sunday at Adam Małysz Hill in Wisła-Malinka. It will start at 5.30pm.