FIS Grand Prix 2018: Polish athletes dominated the inauguration competition in Wisła!

FIS Grand Prix 2018: Polish athletes dominated the inauguration competition in Wisła!

AUTHOR: Dominika Bączek / Press Office FIS Grand Prix Wisła 2018 PUBLISHED AT: 22-07-2018
It was a wonderful weekend for Polish ski jumpers who dominated the inauguration competition of FIS Grand Prix at Adam Małysz Hill in Wisła-Malinka. After the victory in the qualification and team event, they won also in the individual one. Kamil Stoch appeared to be the best and he had more than 8 points in advance over Piotr Żyła. Polish ski jumpers needed only a little bit more luck to stand at every step of the podium, but finally the third step was occupied by Halvor Egner Granerud from Norway. He won with Dawid Kubacki by 0.2 points.

Polish competitors didn’t disappoint the fans at facility in Wisła and thrilled them during the summer season opening weekend. One more time, the facility brought happiness to Polish athletes who are definite leaders of Nations Cup.

Kamil Stoch won in a beautiful style the individual competition at Adam Małysz  Hill with jumps of 132 and  126.5 meters long. – My jumps still are not as good as I want them to be. Of course, they are on a high level, so that I can enjoy  the victory. This is the award for hard training. The weather conditions in the final round  were tough, but in my opinion I performed well and I am going to continue my work – said the winner.

Piotr Żyła stood on the second step of the podium. His jumps during the whole weekend were marvellous. In the individual competition he jumped 130.5 and 126.5 meters and lost 8.3 points to the leader. – Today Kamil was better than me – said Piotr Żyła – My jumps were okey. They weren’t ideal. I can say that they  were on a high level, but there is always something to improve.

Halvor Egner Granerud from Norway ended the individual competition at the third step of the podium (125.5 and 129m). For him it was the biggest achievement in his career. - I  am very excited about my result. I’ve been jumping quite a lot in the most important competitions and it’s nice to be finally on the podium – said Granerud with a smile on his face - My first jump was quite good. I made a small mistake with my skies at the take-off, so I lost few meters in the air, but the second one was really good – he added. - It is really amazing to see all the people in Wisła who watch the competitions, make noise and shout. Impressive is also the number of people standing outside the facility and trying to watch the events. It’ amazing to see how all those people show their passion to what we, ski jumpers, do. I really appreciate Polish fans.

Dawid Kubacki was placed on the 4th position, just after the top3 athletes of the competition (126 and 127.5m). He almost got on the podium – he lost 0.2 point to Halvor Egner Granerud.

9 out of 11 Polish competitors jumped in the final round of the competition and gained some points in the overall classification of FIS Grand Prix. Maciej Kot finished the individual event at 11th position (124.5 and 125.5m), then Jakub Wolny was the 12th (124 and 125.5m), Tomasz Pilch – 17th (127 and 123m), Stefan Hula – 19th (122.5 and 120m), Przemysław Kantyka – 21st (125 and 119m) and Aleksander Zniszczoł – 25th (124 and 117.5m).  Whereas only two Polish ski jumpers did not  perform in the final round: 39. Paweł Wąsek (119.5m)  and 50. Andrzej Stękała (110.5m).