FIS World Cup Wisła 2018: Klimov wins the qualification, 6 Polish ski jumpers to jump in the competition

FIS World Cup Wisła 2018: Klimov wins the qualification, 6 Polish ski jumpers to jump in the competition

AUTHOR: Press Office FIS World Cup Wisła 2018 PUBLISHED AT: 17-11-2018
The best ski jumpers in the world inaugurated the winter season on Friday. 70 athletes from 15 countries participated in the qualification which was won by Evgeniy Klimov who had 1.4 point more than Polish ski jumper – Dawid Kubacki. The third place belonged to Stephan Leyhe from Germany.

For the second time in history the winter season kicks-off at Adam Małysz Hill in Wisła-Malinka. Ski jumpers made their first jumps during two rounds of official training and in the qualification. Evgeniy Klimov won the qualification. He performed well during the trainings and later, in the qualification for the individual competition, he jumped 137 meters and obtained 137.7 points.

Second place belonged to Polish athlete – Dawid Kubacki who jumped 128 meters and obtained 136.3 points. – Taking into consideration the weather, the hill is really well prepared for the competition. I see that the organizers work there all the time and day by day it will be better – says Kubacki about the hill – My today’s performance was really good. My jumps were stable, but I know that it’s not 100% of my ideal shape. All in all, it was a good opener for me – he adds.

Stephan Leyhe was the third in the qualification. He jumped 133 meters and his overall note was 135.2 points.

Apart of Dawid Kubacki, also 5 other ski jumpers from Poland will perform in the individual competition. Piotr Żyła was 15th (122m). Distance of Jakub Wolny and Stefan Hula was the same – 119.5m – and they ended the qualification at 28th and 33rd positions. Maciej Kot who landed at 118m was 39th. Kamil Stoch, the winner of last World Cup overall classification, ended the competition at 48th place (111m). – Today I had some problems on in-run, so that my in-run position wasn’t perfect. I was sure that I won’t participate in the individual competition, but fortunately I qualified, so I will do my best on Sunday. I was really waiting to jump on the snow so I am happy that I will perform in two competitions this weekend – says Kamil – Sometimes it happens that the beginning of the season is difficult, there are lot of emotions, we want to compete with each other and despite of our all experience we still make some mistakes. All in all, I am really happy of the opener because it’s always good to be back to the World Cup competitions.

Other Polish ski jumpers did not have enough luck and will not participate in Sunday’s competition. Among them were: Aleksander Zniszczoł (51st place, 113.5m), Tomasz Pilch (54th place, 109.5m), Andrzej Stękała (57th place, 108m), Klemens Murańska (59th place, 109m), Przemysław Kantyka (61st place, 107m) and Paweł Wąsek (67th place, 98m).

Michael Hayboeck, who ended the qualification at 11th position with a jump of 123m,  appreciates all the work done by the organizers. - My jumps were quite okay. Of course these were the first jumps on a large hill in winter so I know that I have to improve them. It’s not my best shape now, but that it’s a situation of almost everybody. Anyway, I’m still satisfied of today’s performance – says the Austrian athlete - The hill is really well prepared for the opener. I know that it was almost a summer weather here in Wisła last days, so it’s great how the organizers prepared the hill today. It’s also better than last year because the out-run was more bumpy – he adds.

The team competition is planned for Saturday. Poland will be represented by Piotr Żyła, Jakub Wolny, Dawid Kubacki and Kamil stoch. 11 nations will participate in the event.

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