FIS World Cup Wisła 2018: Polish ski jumpers to win the team competition!

FIS World Cup Wisła 2018: Polish ski jumpers to win the team competition!

AUTHOR: Dominika Bączek / Press Office FIS World Cup Wisła 2018 PUBLISHED AT: 17-11-2018
Polish ski jumpers won the first team competition in FIS World Cup season 2018/2019. They showed an amazing shape at Adam Małysz Hill on Saturday. There was no doubt that they win the competition. Polish athletes: Piotr Żyła, Jakub Wolny, Dawid Kubacki and Kamil Stoch, had 11.1 points more than German ski jumpers. Austrian ones stood at the third step of the podium.

Despite bad weather forecast and wind first team competition in the World Cup season took place without any interruptions. Poland was represented by Piotr Żyła, Jakub Wolny, Dawid Kubacki and Kamil Stoch. They started the season in the best way possible - by winning the team competition. They were leading the event after the first round. Polish athletes obtained 518.5 points overall and it was 10.4 points more than the German ski jumpers had. Third place belonged to Austrian nation. The right to jump in the final round also had the ski jumpers from Japan, Switzerland, Slovenia, Russia and Czech Republic. It was a big surprise that Norwegian ski jumpers did not qualified for the final round and ended the competition at 10th place.

In the final round Polish ski jumpers proved that their shape is really good. Despite a little bit weaker performance of Dawid Kubacki, they managed to win the first team competition in the season. – Team competition was really amazing. I am happy that so many supporters came here to cheer us up. The atmosphere was great so it motivated us to jump further – said Kamil Stoch with a smile on his face – It is important that coach still trusts me and I had the possibility to jump in the competition and I could work on my shape. My teammates made a good job today and it’s a pleasure for me to be part of it – he added. – After my jump I wasn’t worried, but surprised. I felt at in-run that my jump will be good, also coach told me that, but the weather conditions did not permit me to jump far. I believed until the end, because team means force. Kamil did what everybody expected from him that’s why we won the competition – said Dawid Kubacki – We should appreciate the organizers and everybody who help with the preparation of the hill. Congratulations that everything has been prepared so well. There are still some small problems, but taking into consideration the weather conditions, they did all their best. The out-run is better than yesterday and in my opinion tomorrow it will be even better. We have to remember that the hill was prepared in four days – added Kubacki.

German ski jumpers, Karl Geiger, Markus Eisenbichler, Stephan Leyhe and Richard Freitag, stood at the second step of the podium. - We are really satisfied of the second place. To stand on a podium is a good result for us in a season opener. It was a great competition in which the fight for the first place lasted until the end – said Karl Geiger - In-run is perfect, the out-run is not that perfect, but the organizers did all they can to prepare the hill. Taking into consideration the outdoor conditions, it was really good – he added.

Third place belonged to Austrian ski jumpers: Michael Hayboeck, Clemens Aigner, Daniel Huber and Stefan Kraft. - It was a good start into a new season for us. For the win it was not enough, so we have to jump better next time. We are satisfied with the podium and it was a great atmosphere here. Last season wasn’t the best for us, so it was good to start with the podium. I want to congratulate the Polish and German team for their good performance – said Clemens Aigner - I think the ski jump preparation is not the best but it’s okay for the competition. The conditions are the same for everybody – he added - I hope that tomorrow I can improve my jumps a little bit. I hope for a whole team to make a good performance.

Individual competition is planned for Sunday at 3pm.