FIS Grand Prix Wisła 2019: Polish team declassed other nations

FIS Grand Prix Wisła 2019: Polish team declassed other nations

AUTHOR: Dominika Bączek / Press Office FIS Ski Jumping Wisła 2019 PUBLISHED AT: 21-07-2019
It was an amazing evening for Polish ski jumpers who once again won in a beautiful way the team competition of FIS Grand Prix 2019 in Wisla. Piotr Żyła, Aleksander Zniszczoł, Kamil Stoch and Dawid Kubacki made long and equal jumps. Thanks to that they have almost 60 points more than Slovenian team! At the third step of the podium stood the ski jumpers from Norway.

Traditionally the atmosphere at Adam Małysz Hill in Wisla-Malinka was wonderful. Polish supporters cheered on the ski jumpers with passion. 10 teams from different nations participated that evening in the competition, but Polish team was unbeatable. Other teams did not have any chances to win and it was the sixth win in a row of Polish ski jumpers at Adam Małysz Hill in Wisla.

Piotr Żyła started the march to the victory. He made a jump of 128 meters in the first round, whereas in the final round his jump was two meters longer. – Today my jumps were quite good, however those of qualifications wasn’t worse.

Aleksander Zniszczoł made his contribution in the victory with his jumps of 125.5 and 124.5 meters. – The atmosphere here, at the facility, was amazing and I would like to thank the supporters for that. I had to prove in the qualifications and trainings that I am capable of jumping long and I am grateful for coaches’’ trust. I am satisfied with my jumps and happy with the victory.

Kamil Stoch was definitely the best among Polish ski jumpers. He jumped 128.5 meters in the first round, whereas his second jump of 134.5 meters was amazing. – My jumps weren’t very spectacular, but I have to admit that the second one gave me a lot of joy. If I jump like that, this summer wouldn’t be so hard for me. During summer the in-run is different than in winter and it is not obvious that if I jump good now, I will jump like that during winter season. I have to work hard during summer and I feel that if I have a good in-run position now, I will have similar during winter and I won’t have to start work from the beginning.

Dawid Kubacki finished what his teammates started with the jumps of 131.5 and 128.5 meters long. – I am satisfied with today’s competition, however everything wasn’t perfect. My landing of the first round needs some improvements, whereas that of the final round was quite okay.

Slovenian team stood on the second step of the podium. Among them jumped Tilen Bartol (129.5 and 126.5 meters), Anze Lanisek (121.5 and 126 meters), Peter Prevc (120 and 128 meters) and Timi Zajc (128 and 129 meters). - As a team we are happy with our place. We made good jumps. For us it is a really good result and we will see what will happen tomorrow – says Timi Zajc.

The third place belonged to Norwegian ski jumpers: Johann Andre Forfang (124.5 and 129 meters), Robin Pedersen (121.5 and 126.5 meters), Marius Lindvik (127 and 129 meters) and Daniel Andre Tande (124 and 121 meters). - For myself I am quite satisfied with my second jump, not that satisfied with the first one. It was a good competition for me and I am happy that we stood at the podium – says Johann Adre Forfang.

The individual competition will be held at Adam Małysz Hill in Wisła-Malinka on Sunday at 5.30 pm.