Zajc wins! Dawid Kubacki on the podium in Wisla

Zajc wins! Dawid Kubacki on the podium in Wisla

AUTHOR: Dominika Bączek / Press Office FIS Grand Prix Wisła 2019 PUBLISHED AT: 21-07-2019
Slovenian Timi Zajc won in a beautiful style the first individual competition of FIS Grand Prix 2019 held in Wisla. Dawid Kubacki, the Polish ski jumper, stood on the second step of the podium, whereas Russian Evgieniy Klimov was the third.

The individual competition ended the rivalry of the best ski jumpers which participated in the kick-off of FIS Grand Prix held in Wisła. The weather conditions during the event were perfect, even though before the trial round it was pouring rain. Polish fans made a great atmosphere and cheered on all of the athletes whose jumps were long.

It was a successful competition for Polish athletes which ended with a place on the podium of Dawid Kubacki. He made a jump of 128 meters in the first round, whereas in the final round he jumped 3 meters longer. Thanks to such a good performance he managed to move up from fourth position to the second place. – In my opinion it was a nice competition. We were threatened by a storm, but fortunately there was no rain during the competition. All the athletes were happy of that because we don’t like to jump in wet suits. I think that good weather was the reason that the fans made such a good atmosphere. My performance was today quite okay. I am aware of the fact that my jumps weren’t ideal, so I have something to work on. After all, the second place is satisfying, especially that recently during camps and trainings my jumps weren’t so good. Sometimes it was better, sometimes worse, so that I am satisfied that I was able to mobilize myself and perform well in Wisla. And not only today, but during the three days of the competition – says Kubacki.

Timi Zajc was better than Dawid Kubacki at the facility in Wisła. He jumped 133.5 and 128.5 meters and has 6.6 point more than Polish athlete. - I am very satisfied about my performance. I made two good, even very good jumps and I am very happy with the victory. The atmosphere in Wisła is really nice and I like it. For us, the Slovenians,  it is like in Planica, there is a lot of fans and I really like to jump here. I think summer season is important for winter season, being in the top now will help later. Of course I have some goals to achieve that will prepare me for the upcoming winter season – says Zajc.

Evgieniy Klimov ended the competition at the third step of the podium. He jumped 135 meters in the first round and then, in the final round 124.5 meters. - Yesterday and today it were really good competitions for me. I am really happy to be on the podium. I would love to thank Polish supporters for making an amazing atmosphere at the hill. The atmosphere in Wisła is always very good. We are very happy about jumping here. I treat summer competition as a preparation for the winter season. I have the time to work on my jumping techniques that’s why the summer season is important for me – says Klimov.

Also Piotr Żyła ended the competition in the top10. He jumped 127 meters and 126.5 and was the fifth. Eight of eleven Polish athletes gained points in the individual competition of FIS Grand Prix in Wisła. Aleksander Zniszczoł was 12th  with jumps of 129 and 122 meters long. Maciej Kot was 15th (122.5 and 126 meters),whereas Kamil Stoch – 19th (124.5 and 121 meters). After them were placed: Andrzej Stękała (21 place, 124 and 129 m), Jakub Wolny (26 place, 120 and 126 m) and Klemens Murańka (30 place, 122 and 123 m).

Paweł Wąsek (32 place, 123 m), Tomasz Pilch (45 place, 116 m) and Kacper Juroszek (46 place, 116.5 m) did not manage to perform in the final round.

Polish team leads the Nations Cup after the inauguration competitions in Wisła. They gained 591 points. The second place belongs to Slovenia and the third one to Norwegian ski jumpers.