FIS World Cup 2019: Geiger to win the qualifications!

FIS World Cup 2019: Geiger to win the qualifications!

AUTHOR: Dominika Bączek / FIS World Cup Wisła 2019 PUBLISHED AT: 23-11-2019
FIS World Cup Ski Jumping season opener competitions take place at Adam Małysz Hill for the third time in history. The qualifications, which were won by Karl Geiger (133 meters), were held on Friday. Killian Peier (125.5 meters) was the second, whereas the Austrian Daniel Huber (122 meters) was the third. When it comes to the Polish athletes, the best among them was Dawid Kubacki who jumped 123 meters and ended the qualifications at the 7th position.

71 ski jumpers, among them 13 Polish athletes, participated in the winter season opener competition at Adam Małysz Hill in Wisła-Malinka. 8 participants from Poland got the qualification for Sunday’s individual competition. The best of them was Dawid Kubacki who was in the top10 of the qualifications. – I have got a very busy day behind me. It wasn’t easy, but in the end, I am satisfied with my performance. The jumps on the snow are getting better and better. During our first jumps on the snow, we needed to focus on what is happening on the landing. We wanted them to be safe, but from tomorrow we are giving 100% of our strength – says Dawid Kubacki.

Kamil Stoch, who jumped 117 meters, was the 11th – Today maybe I was a little bit nervous because of the season opener and of the first jumps on the snow. I am happy with what it is. It is nice to feel the snow under the skis and the atmosphere in Wisła – says Stoch.

Also, Jakub Wolny made a good performance in the qualifications. He jumped 116.5 meters and ended in the 19th position. – I missed the World Cup and the atmosphere, especially that of Wisła. I came here with the attitude to be calm and concentrate on my task. I think that I managed to do it – comments Wolny.

Piotr Żyła, with a jump of 113.5 meters, ended the qualifications two positions behind Wolny. Maciej Kot (115.5 meters) was the 26th, whereas Stefan Hula (116 meters) the 28th. Also, Paweł Wąsek (41 place, 113 meters) and Aleksander Zniszczoł (46th place, 109.5 meters) got qualified for the individual competition.

Also, Polish Head Coach comments the performance of the ski jumpers – I need to talk about the Friday’s jumps with the ski jumpers, but they lacked some ease while jumping. They jumped not quite at ease, contrary to the jumps during training. There was a little bit of stress, but we try to analyze everything – said the Polish Coach Michal Doležal.

The team competition will be held on Sunday at Adam Małysz Hill. Ten teams will participate in the event. The Polish team will be jumping as the last nation. Piotr Żyła, Jakub Wolny, Kamil Stoch, and Dawid Kubacki will represent their country. The competition starts at 4 pm.