Austrian team to win, Polish athletes on the podium

Austrian team to win, Polish athletes on the podium

AUTHOR: Dominika Bączek / Press Office FIS World Cup Wisła 2019 PUBLISHED AT: 23-11-2019
The first competition of new winter season of FIS World Cup 2019 took place on Saturday at Adam Małysz Hill in Wisła-Malinka. The Austrian team was unbeatable in the team event. They had 20 points more than the Norwegians, whereas the Polish ski jumpers stood at the third step of the podium.

This is the third time in history the winter season kicks off in Wisła. Traditionally, the atmosphere at the facility was amazing. There were a lot of supporters who cheered up the ski jumpers.

10 nations participated in the team event which was won by the Austrian team. They beautifully won the competition. The Austrian team was represented by Philipp Aschenwald (121 and 133 meters), Daniel Huber (125 and 134 meters), Jan Hoerl (130 and 114 meters) and Stefan Kraft (127.5 and 125 meters). - I think it was a great competition for us. We all have shown quite good jumps and all in all the result was outstanding for our team. It is a good start in the season. – says Daniel Huber - The season is still very young and we haven’t performed in the individual competition yet so it’ s really hard to say who is going to be the best in our team during this season. My whole team is in very good shape, we made nice jumps yesterday and today. If I have to say one name, it would be Stefan Kraft. – he adds - I don’t think that the artificial snow is different than the normal one. But all the ski jumpers had some problems with landing, there were almost no good telemarks to see. The weather during this time of the year is how it is and we need to deal with it. Today we saw in the competition that still it is possible to make good long jumps event though the landing was not so good. All in all, I am happy with the fact the season opener is held Wisła because of the atmosphere at the hill.

Norwegian ski jumpers ended the competition in second place. Among them performed: Daniel Andre Tande (123 and 128.5 meters), Thomas Aasen Markeng (120 and 118.5 meters), Marius Lindvik (121 and 128 meters) and Robert Johansson (129 and 130.5 meters). - It was a cool competition for the audience, there were a lot of changes. I am very satisfied with the result of my team and with the place on the podium – says Daniel Andre Tande - As Daniel Huber said, we haven’t had any individual competition yet so it is hard to say who is going to be the best in our team this season. Today Robert Johansson made the best jumps in our team. We have other nice ski jumpers, we do our best during training, so we will see – he comments - Of course, there is a difference between the artificial snow and the natural one but at the moment there is no hill in the world with the normal snow.

Also, the Polish team stood at the podium. The nation was represented by Piotr Żyła (131 and 117 meters), Jakub Wolny (123.5 and 119 meters), Kamil Stoch (125.5 and 118 meters) and Dawid Kubacki (126.5 and 120.5 meters). - Today we did our best, we have fought till the end of the competition and we managed to stand at the third step of the podium – says Jakub Wolny. – It was the first competition in this winter and I think that there were a lot of emotions, good emotions. We fought so much and that was all we were capable of this evening. As far as I know, the luck wasn’t by our side during the second round, but that happens in the sport. The jumps are not always long, because of the wind. I think that we can be contented with the fact that our jumps were much better than those of the qualifications and were almost similar to our performance during training two weeks ago. Our task for today was to stabilize our jumps and to be calm during the competition – says Dawid Kubacki.

The individual competition will be held at Adam Małysz Hill on Sunday. It will start at 11 am 30.