Tande wins in Wisła! Stoch on the podium

Tande wins in Wisła! Stoch on the podium

AUTHOR: Dominika Bączek / Press Office FIS World Cup Wisła 2019 PUBLISHED AT: 24-11-2019
The rivalry of the best ski jumpers in the world in the individual competition took place on Sunday at Adam Małysz hill in Wisła-Malinka. The best was Daniel Andre Tande who had 15 points more than Anze Lanisek from Slovenia. Polish athlete Kamil Stoch stood on the third step of the podium.

The first individual competition of this winter season has become a history. The luckiest ski jumper in that windy event seemed to be Daniel Andre Tande whose jumps were of 127 and 129 meters and who won the competition unrivaled. – It was a tough competition, especially for the judges who did all their best. I fulfilled my task, made good jumps and I'm pleased with my win – says the winner.

The second step of the podium was occupied by Anze Lanisek. Both jumps of the Slovenian athlete were of 126 meters and he had almost 16 points less than the winner. – It was a very nice competition for me. The judges, for their part, have also done a very good job. They did not want to let us jump far, they took care of us, so that our jumps were safe – says Lanisek.

Also, Polish supporters had some reasons to be happy. Kamil Stoch, who was 12th after the first round of the competition (118 meters), in the final round jumped 126.5 meters and ended the event at the third step of the podium. – It was a hard competition, especially for the judges. I am glad that everything turned out well and luckily no serious harm happened to anyone – says Stoch after the event – I am glad that I managed to make two good jumps in hard weather conditions and now I can enjoy my place on the podium, because it was equally possible to finish today's competition outside of the top30. The second jump was solid, but something didn't work out for me, because I could have done better. I would never have thought that this jump would give me a place on the podium. The first jump seemed great to me, I was very happy with it, but in the end, I ended up out of the tenth.

The first points this winter were also scored by seventh Dawid Kubacki (125 and 127 meters) and 25th Maciej Kot (116.5 and 117 meters).

Also, Piotr Żyła made a good jump (119 meters), but unfortunately he felt during landing and finally he ended the competition at 35th place. - The Pole had a dangerously looking fall, fortunately, everything ended well. - During today's fall, Piotr Zyla suffered superficial bruises and abrasions of the epidermis, mainly in the area of face skull. The necessary medical care was provided on-site. At the moment, Piotr does not require any further diagnostics - said Stanisław Szymanik, the doctor of the competition.

Apart from the final 30 they also found themselves: 33rd Jakub Wolny (110.5 m), 38th Stefan Hula (106 m), 39th Paweł Wąsek (106.5 m) and 44th Aleksander Zniszczoł (103 m).