Bogataj and Stoch to win the qualifications!

Bogataj and Stoch to win the qualifications!

AUTHOR: Dominika Bączek / Biuro Prasowe FIS Grand Prix Wisła 2021 PUBLISHED AT: 16-07-2021
The qualification on the Adam Małysz ski jumping hill in Wisla-Malinka took place on July 16th, initiating the FIS Grand Prix cycle for both male and female ski jumpers. On this day, the Slovenian Ursa Bogataj and Polish athlete Kamil Stoch were the best at the venue in Wisla. It is worth mentioning that ladies had a chance to compete on the hill in Wisla for the first time in history.

As usual, the Adam Małysz ski jumping hill hosted the first male FIS Grand Prix competition of the season. The world's best female ski jumpers also competed in Wisla for the first time.

49 female and 54 male athletes participated in the qualification for Saturday's individual competition. Ursa Bogataj from Slovenia was the best in the women's competition. With her jump of 123 m, she was 3.6 points ahead of Japanese Sara Takanashi (117.5 m). - My jumps were good today and I enjoyed it a lot, said Ursa Bogataj with a smile on her face. - I don't have any specific goals for this weekend as it's only the beginning of the season and I'm just trying to enjoy the competitions. I am also happy that we have more competitions than usual this summer", said Bogataj. The third place in the qualification went to Austrian Marita Kramer, who jumped 121.5 m.

Three representatives of Poland qualified for Saturday's FIS Grand Prix competition in Wisla. Nicole Konderla, 15th in the qualification, did very well with her jump of 115 m. - I am very happy that competitions of the highest rank are held in Poland and we can take part in them. I'm especially happy that these competitions are held on the large hill", said the best of the Polish female ski jumpers. - The first starting bib brings a bit of stress as you sit and wait for the competition to start, she added. - Today we made three jumps, but they were not like the ones I have already shown here on this hill. It's hard for me to say why this is happening because I lose the feeling during competitions, but this qualification jump seemed to go quite well, said Nicole Konderla. - I've changed a lot since last year, I think I've gained patience, more of a smile, and looseness. This competition doesn't stress me so much anymore because I come here to test myself and know what to improve in my training, she concluded.

The 38th place went to Wiktoria Przybyla (81 m), followed closely by Anna Twardosz (77.5 m). Joanna Szwab, who finished 41st after a jump of 78.5 m, failed to qualify.

Kamil Stoch won the men's qualification with ease. The three-time Olympic champion landed at 128 m and was 3.3 points better than Austrian Jan Hoerl (133.5 m). - I did not expect the day to end this way for me. I was secretly hoping to finish around the top ten, but I was mainly focusing on the individual parts of the jump.  I'm happy to be able to compete here, as it wasn't planned until a month ago. I did all I could to be ready for this competition and managed to fit this competition into my training plan, said Kamil Stoch. - I know that the position on the inrun is the element I can improve, but I'm happy that today I was able to repeat what I did in training.

The third place in the qualification went to another Austrian, Markus Schiffner, who landed at 125 m.

13 Polish athletes participated in the qualification for Saturday's FIS Grand Prix competition in Wisla. The team of head coach, Michal Dolezhal, was able to qualify for tomorrow's competition. Besides Kamil Stoch, the Top 10 went to fifth-placed Jakub Wolny (124.5 m) and sixth-placed Dawid Kubacki (125 m). The 11th place went to Piotr Zyla, who made a jump of 123 m. Five places behind Zyla came Aleksander Zniszczol (122.5 m). The places in the third Top 10 went to 21. Klemens Murańka (122 m), 24. Stefan Hula (132 m with a fall), 27. Andrzej Stękała (117 m) and 29. Maciej Kot (118 m). In the Saturday competition will also participate 36. Paweł Wąsek (112 m), 44. Tomasz Pilch (109.5 m) and 50. Jarosław Krzak (95 m).

On Saturday, the first individual competition will be held on the Adam Małysz ski jumping hill. The women's competition is scheduled for 1:00 pm, while the men's competition will start at 5:35 pm.